How to make a family tree of a family – 6 types of family tree

Currently compiling family tree is considered a fashionable trend – all over the world today people began to actively find out the origin of their ancestors… The genealogical tree of a family should be understood as relationship diagram in the form of a conditional tree. The ancestor will be indicated at the “roots” of the tree, representatives of the main line of the genus will be located on the “trunk”. “Branches” are representatives of various lineages of genealogy, and “leaves” are famous descendants.

About the most common types of family trees will be discussed in our article.

  • The family tree pictured on the wall

You can depict the tree itself using stencils or ready-made wall tree shaped stickers, and on top of it are attached photographs of relatives… In the design apply contrasting colors… This type of tree will be a worthy decoration for your room!

family tree

  • Family tree built using the special program Family Tree Builder

The functionality of this program is quite high, and it will not be difficult to build a family tree. Free Family Tree Builder App provides the ability not only to build a family tree, but also search for their relatives by comparing family trees of other global project participants. When the program is launched for the first time, it will give advice on the formation of a new family tree project – this will ensure a quick acquaintance with the program and its mastery.

family tree

The program is very simple and affordable, but with only one disadvantage – for work it is necessary Internet connection. The result will be a lot of fun and you will get a great family tree for your family!

family tree

  • Family tree on the poster

Before you start creating a family tree, you need to decide on the information that will be entered into the pedigree. The content of the entries and the shape of the tree may vary. Minimum set of information should include surname and name of a relative, date of birth and date of death.

family tree

You can find a suitable design for a tree on the Internet – there you can find many beautifully designed options for family trees. After the tree shape is selected, you need to choose photographs. They must be of high quality, the same size and matching style. In order not to spoil the original pictures, they can be entered into a computer and printed in the form of squares or circles. After selecting photos, you need them glue on the prepared tree in the appropriate places. Under the photographs there should be glued in plates with important informationth about this or that relative.


  • Family tree on a withered branch

This will be a fairly original decor for the wall, handmade. A simple woody dry branch can be fixed on the wall and hang frames with family photos on it… It will be a stylish and fun interior solution. Selected photographs will help you understand your family history and personal uniqueness.

family tree

  • Decorative family tree

To make it you will need felt, a piece of wallpaper, photographs, double-sided tape, thick cardboard, glue and a little patience.

family tree

On felt using soap to paint tree outline and cut it out. Cut a piece of 50 * 60 cm from the wallpaper. Attach the cut wallpaper to cardboard using 2-sided tape or glue. We put a felt tree on top, and glue all its thin parts with glue. We paint photo frames with spray paint in a single color. On the upper branches of the tree, glue the yarn imitating foliage and insert photos. Above we have children’s photos, and below – photos of grandfathers and grandmothers. With glue all frames must be glued to the family tree. The result is a realistic do-it-yourself family tree. It can be an excellent gift for relatives.

  • Family tree photo frame

All that remains is to select and place photographs of loved ones and relatives in the finished family tree. Such a variant of the family tree would become great gift for a birthday, anniversary or wedding day.

Family tree photo frame

Many people ask a question: What is a family tree for?

The answer is simple… It reminds us of our ancestors, in a concise and accessible form preserves the entire history of the family.

If you make the necessary efforts to create a family tree, it can become an extraordinary and original interior decoration.

Family tree photo frame

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