How to determine that you are in the friend zone and get out of it – 6 ways to get out of the friend zone for a girl

How to determine that you are in a friend zone and get out of itThe term “friend zone” appeared in youth slang not so long ago, but has already firmly established itself in the minds and speech of young people.

What is the “friendship zone”, why has it become so popular, and what dangers does it pose?

Understanding …

The content of the article:

  1. What does the friend zone mean and the reasons for getting into it
  2. How do you know that you are in the friend zone of a young man?
  3. How not to get into or leave the friend zone?

What does a friend zone mean – the reasons for a girl to get into a friend zone to a guy

Nowadays, it is customary to call a certain special “territory” to which all their admirers are “sent” by the sonorous word “friend zone”.

The “friend zone” has spread in social networks, where all potential favorites who have not yet earned a higher status are sent to the “friends zone”.

Myths and truths about incompatibility of partners – a real problem, or a convenient excuse to leave?

Since we are talking in this case about the guys’ friend zone, we will stop at this example.

The girl is in love with a particular young man. Alas, he does not feel mutual feelings for her. And instead of telling her this unpleasant news, the young man “throws” the poor thing into that very friend zone. That is, I will not say “no”, but let it be in my friends, but you never know … ”.

The guy continues to send his “friend” virtual bouquets for the holidays, put “likes” on her photos and generally behaves like a potential gentleman, but does not take further steps, and even meets with someone with peace of mind at this time. And such poor fellows in his “zone of friends” can accumulate a whole line …


How do girls get into the male friend zone, and what are the real reasons?

  • It is convenient for him when there are pleasant “friends” at hand, always ready to support, substitute a fragile shoulder, feed, escort to the club, etc.
  • He just has a big heart, and in him they brought up an intelligent knight who is capable of burning the hearts of ladies with a verb. In other words, he compliments “automatically”, and simply does not understand that he gives hope to someone with his behavior, which is quite natural for him.
  • He is an ordinary don juan, for which 5-6 potential passions “in stock” is the norm.
  • He is looking for a serious relationship. – and is just at the stage of “weighing” women’s advantages and disadvantages.
  • He does not know what a “friend zone” is at all, and simply “throws” everyone in a row as friendsbecause “it’s fun and cool.”
  • He likes you as a person, but he does not have that very “spark” when communicating with you.
  • You are too “your boyfriend” for him.
  • You enter not only into his plans, but also into someone else’s. The competitive spirit does not allow him to let you out of the friend zone.
  • He doesn’t want a serious relationship. and just not yet ripe for such responsibility.
  • He is too afraid of losing the relationship between you that already exists. (after all, closeness can sometimes ruin even the strongest friendship).
  • He has low self-esteem. That is, he is afraid of being rejected, and the friend zone is his protective shell from possible disappointments.

How to determine that you are in a friend zone and get out of it

Signs of a friend zone in a relationship – how do you know that you are in a friend’s zone with a young man?

Is it possible to determine that you were “lucky” to get into his friend zone?

Of course, yes. There are several obvious “symptoms” by which the desire of a young man to hold you back “until better times” is easily recognized.

For instance…

  1. No matter how hard you try he does not allow the transition of your relationship to another level
  2. He can give you compliments and gifts, invite you somewhere, but your “alaverdi” is usually ignored
  3. He does not introduce you with their relatives and close friends.
  4. He can discuss his exes with you. (and even real) girlfriends.
  5. You are not in his plans for the future.
  6. He always dodges the kiss and hugs you in an extremely friendly way.
  7. He calls you only when he needs your help., I want to speak out, or there is no one with whom to while away the evening.
  8. If you had intimacy, then it does not repeat itself.and he avoids any talk of her.
  9. He never talks about your relationship., avoiding conversation under any pretext – “I need to think about studying”, “I’m still young for a serious relationship”, “we’ll talk after my military service” and so on.
  10. You are constantly on standby – then a call from him, then a “like”, then a meeting.
  11. You follow his every move, new photos, movements and so on.
  12. He can come to you to fix a broken tap, kick the scoundrel who is harassing you, pick you up by car from school or work, if you ask, rush to you when you cry … But with his help everything will end

Well, and most importantly. If you are reading this article, then you are already in doubt. A doubt is the first sign that something is wrong in your relationship, or this relationship simply does not exist.

Women love rich and successful men – what kind of women do they like?

How to determine that you are in a friend zone and get out of it

How not to get into the friend zone – or how to get out of it and start dating?

You can leave the friend zone only if if the young man is too timid to take the first step, or is ready for a relationship with you, but – a little later (when he comes from the army, rents an apartment, earns money, etc.), because as a real man he must be fully armed before starting courtship.

If you know for sure that this is one of your options, then wait calmly or take the first step.

In other cases, it is almost impossible to leave the friend zone, therefore it’s easier not to get there


  1. Don’t chase him… Leave him alone. You do not need to call him, write, put “likes”, call for help, and so on. A man by nature, as you know, is a hunter. And the hunter is bored of catching “game”, which itself jumps into the hands.
  2. Take care of yourself. Change your lifestyle, image, look, social circle. Become different, become interesting to yourself. The higher your self-esteem, the less likely you are to be in someone’s friend zone.
  3. Men always feel the gaze of a woman who “seeks… And a woman with the look “I’m ready to date” will always be in the friend zone. Or a meeting with her will be for one night, after which there will be a friend zone again.
  4. Don’t blame him for all sins. Look at yourself. He just behaves the way he is comfortable with. You are allowing him to put yourself in this position (in standby mode). Pride has not yet been canceled – respect yourself.
  5. Don’t try to be your boyfriend. Such girlfriends usually (according to statistics) remain “their boyfriends”. It is no longer possible to look at them in any other way than as at your female friend.
  6. Find out all the questions at once. There is no need to wait until he matures to love you – this happens extremely rarely. If he does not have tender feelings for you, then they are unlikely to appear in a month or a year or two. The absence of “chemistry” and “spark” is a sure sign that the ice will not melt between you, because instead of ice there is a brick wall.

Important! Do not try to become a friend in order to be close to him.

To be content with little, in this case, is the path to nowhere.

“No” is immediately “goodbye”. He is not the only handsome prince on the planet!

How to learn to refuse correctly – we learn to say “no” when it is necessary!

If he did not want to immediately throw the stars at your feet, it means that these stars are now being collected for you by someone else. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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