New way to lose weight rope skipping – reviews of jumping rope for weight loss!

What is Rope Skipping?

Rope skipping - a new way to lose weight?It would seem that little familiar words, and also related to weight loss, but in fact behind these words hides a rope that is well known to us from childhood. A very simple and uncomplicated thing, but, as it turns out, thanks to it, it is very easy.

What are the benefits of skipping?

It is not for nothing that athletes during training pay a lot of attention to jumping rope. After all, jumping gives a lot of positive results.

  • First, jumping rope strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • Secondly, they develop endurance and have a good effect on coordination, strengthen the muscles of the legs.
  • Thirdly, they have a positive effect on the figure, making it more slender, and help to get rid of excess body fat.
  • Fourthly, a jump rope is a great occasion to remember childhood and spend time in pleasure.

Based on all the positive effects a rope has on your body, it should be noted that jumping rope is often more effective than running or cycling.

Among other things, intensive exercises with a skipping rope help well in the fight against cellulite and varicose veins.

How to jump rope correctly to lose weight?

Rope skipping - a new way to lose weight?Choose the right rope for yourself before jumping. The rope should reach the floor when kept folded in half. And the color and material from which the rope is made you already choose at your discretion.

As in many physical activities, you should start gradually, only increasing the load over time.
Also, it should be remembered that you do not need to jump to your full foot, but to your toes. When jumping, the knees should be slightly bent.

The back should be straight, while jumping, only the hands should rotate.

There are the following rope exercises:

  • Jumping on two legs
  • Alternate jumps on one leg
  • Jumping on one leg
  • Scroll the rope forward, backward, crosswise
  • Side to side jumping
  • Jumping when one leg is in front, the second is behind
  • Running in place with a skipping rope

You can easily alternate all these exercises at your discretion. And choose your mode, depending on what result you want to achieve with the help of jumps.

But there are a few things to keep in mind.

One lesson with a rope should not be shorter than 10 minutes. Lessons lasting 30 minutes or more a day will be most effective.

It will be very helpful to start with a slow, measured rhythm and gradually build it up.

Feedback on jumping rope from forums


I want to tell you about my experience of losing weight with a rope. After the birth of my third child, I gained 12 kg, started jumping rope for 15 minutes. a day with two approaches. As a result, I lost weight from 72kg to 63kg in 2 months. Lose weight with a skipping rope.


I started jumping before graduation, I wanted to lose extra pounds. At that time, she didn’t even really know how to jump and was very tired. I remember the first time I jumped, the next day I almost died, absolutely all my muscles ached !!! Legs, buttocks are understandable, but even my stomach muscles ached !!! I think that the rope really uses all the muscles, at least I felt that way, so I lost weight evenly and quickly, and the best part is that I learned to jump correctly.


Last year I roped regularly, almost every day, and felt great. I do not suffer from excess weight, but the press sways well and, by all appearances, the bladder is strengthened. Also, posture and shoulders are straightened.


I don’t know how anyone, but in a month and a half, I threw off about 20 kg. I jumped at first a hundred times a day, then more. Soon she began to jump without a rope, she reached 3 thousand times a day – 3 sets of 1000 times. But every day. It has been 1.5 years since I stopped exercising, the weight does not increase – it ranges from 60 to 64. But my height is 177. I think we need to continue practicing. By the way, the muscles are still in the same condition, pumped up.


Great thing !!!! Shape support, weight loss, good mood !!! I jump 1000 times every day, 400 in the morning, 600 in the evening. I feel great. The only thing is that the breast should be well “packed” and if there are kidney problems like mine (omission) it is worth jumping in a special belt for nephroptosis, then nothing will fall off and there will be no harm !!!

Have you tried to lose weight with a rope?

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