How to survive the New Years for single people

New Year is a family holiday. This is how we are accustomed to counting. However, according to statistics, 3% of the population of our planet, and this is 240 million people, celebrate the New Year alone – and they are doing great!

The starting point

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Last year my client Elena was suddenly left alone for the New Year. The beloved called in the morning of December 31 and warned that he would not be able to spend New Year’s Eve with her, as he would celebrate with his family. Elena’s parents live in another city, there weren’t many friends. For almost a year, Elena had been dating an unfree man. This holiday became the starting point for a new life. It was on New Year’s Eve that the most acute question arose that had bothered in recent months:

“I understood that this was a road to nowhere, but I could not help myself. I had to make a decision, I lacked a push. For me, New Year is a family holiday, and being alone this night is terrible. “

Under the chimes, Lena promised herself to put an end to this novel and no longer celebrate the New Year alone.

If you are worried that you will have to celebrate the New Year alone, think about what you can change in your life.

You may be surprised, but thousands of introverts are happy to spend New Year’s Eve in seclusion without fuss and noisy parties. If this is not your story, and you are suddenly left alone for the New Year, this is the time to ask yourself the question “why?” and make a decision that will possibly change your whole life.

Full reboot

Two years ago my client Marina, an interesting young woman, confessed to me that she hates family meals. The sight of Olivier makes her sick, long conversations at the table weigh on her, and New Year’s Soviet films, which relatives love so much, evoke melancholy.

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They planned to celebrate the New Year with her husband’s family, but on the morning of December 31, Marina woke up with a sore throat, and in order not to infect her elderly relatives, she decided to stay at home. To give Marina a rest and not to upset her parents, the husband took his daughter and went to her mother.

“For the first time in my life I was left alone for the New Year. And I’ll tell you, it was super! I ordered food delivery, collapsed on the sofa in my pajamas, and turned on a comedy. All evening I drank champagne, ate tangerines and rested! ” – said Marina.

A great way to celebrate the New Year is to reboot yourself: to celebrate the New Year in a state of relaxation and comfort. Stay in your pajamas all day, order dishes that only you like, drink tea with sweets, listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite movies, and lie in bed.

  • Do you enjoy meditation and yoga?
  • Or maybe a leisurely walk along the snow-covered streets of the city relaxes you?

Make this holiday an occasion to please yourself and relax.

Breaking the template

Loneliness is the flip side of freedom. Use your freedom to the maximum, because you do not need to negotiate with anyone, adjust. Do something you don’t usually do, try something new, be spontaneous. Let this holiday be remembered not as a “lonely” New Year, but as an adventure. You can take a ticket and fly to another city or country, go to a nightclub, where new acquaintances may be waiting for you. The main rule is to do it in a new way and see what happens.

My client has a long-term tradition: every year on December 31, he gets behind the wheel, goes onto the highway and literally “drives” into the New Year at midnight. According to him, this tradition brings him good luck.

Come up with something of your own, you might like it, and you will repeat it next time.

Here are some examples of how people celebrated the New Year in an unusual way:

in the bathroom with foam and a glass of champagne;

  • on the street with champagne in the company of complete strangers;
  • in a train compartment on the way to another city;
  • at work on the night shift with colleagues;
  • in an unfamiliar city in a hostel with an unfamiliar company;
  • in meditation all alone with making a wish exactly at midnight;
  • congratulating video friends all night long.
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New Year’s ritual and the power of the subconscious

If you believe in the power of the energy of desires and your subconscious, make a powerful ritual out of New Year’s Eve.

“Every December 31, I program myself for a beautiful life,” Marina, a successful, educated girl of 29 years old, told me. heels and put on makeup. I enter the state in which I want to be all year long, I feel desirable, exquisite. In this state, I plan for the next year, set goals and make a list of places I want to visit. So at midnight on the table there is a bottle of your favorite champagne, candles and … a card of desires. “

In his book “The subconscious mind can do anything” by John Kehoe, a famous Canadian writer and self-development coach, says that our thoughts have real power, and our minds are able to receive and send information from the Universe. If you put emotion into a thought, strongly desire something, the law of attraction is triggered – and what we persistently think about with vivid emotions enters our life.

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Popular marathons for fulfilling desires are built on the work of the subconscious, managing thoughts and emotions. A wish card, a dream diary is not just entertainment, but a powerful tool for attracting the desired into your reality.

John Kehoe himself once said at a speech: “Every day I put into my mind the thought of success, health, well-being, friends.”

Use the power of your subconscious, send the Universe information about your desire, spice up your thought with emotions, plunge into a resource state and program yourself for success in the New Year.

Whichever option you choose to celebrate the New Year, remember what the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, said: We we enter v peace lonely and lonely leaving his”.

It is important to learn to be alone with yourself, to love, to pamper, to grow spiritually.

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