How to tie a scarf over a coat in style?

A coat without a scarf is like a wedding without a bride. In every winter look of a fashionista, this warm accessory of a woman’s wardrobe should be present. His role in the modest image of a girl is invaluable. With one movement of his hand, he turns the beauty into a socialite. Yet high fashion figures rarely use scarves to create their masterpieces. Nevertheless, in the fall-winter collection of some couturiers there are a couple of fashionable outfits.

Nice to tie a scarf on a coat

We tie a scarf easily and effortlessly

Fashion Week in Paris, Milan and New York showed connoisseurs of beauty how easy it is to create a stylish look. Fashionistas have long learned that layering is in trend today. Therefore, this season is successfully dominated by oversized coats. Nevertheless, without voluminous and long scarves, the image can be considered a failure. In the past year, it was popular to wrap up in shawls and scarves.

Nice to tie a scarf on a coat1

Today, designers offer:

  • keep the entire length of the product;
  • make one turn around the neck;
  • use it as a cape.

Nice to tie a scarf on a coat2

Important! The Salvatore Ferragamo collection presents an outfit with a wide eggplant-colored leather scarf. The couturier simply decided to throw it over his shoulder, which gave the image an aristocratic touch.

Nice to tie a scarf on a coat3
Ralph Lauren in his fall collection offered a herringbone-print scarf for a cropped double-breasted coat. The designer tied it in a loop-like fashion. Fashion brands Bally and MuiMui decided not to complicate outfits with numerous weaves. The designers made only one loop from the accessory, forming a funnel from the volumetric product near the neck. With a scarf tied this way, the coat looks great.

Ordinary knot or all ingenious – simple

At Paris Fashion Week, Lebanese designer Elie Saab unveiled yet another easy way to tie a scarf. The regular knot will become the new fall trend.
Regular node

However, to get the desired effect, Saab suggests using glamorous accessories:

  • short length;
  • bright colors;
  • with a dense knit.

Regular node1

In New York, pastel knit outfits were shown. They were exquisitely decorated with wide cross-knit scarves. They were casually tied around the sophisticated necks of the fashion models, thereby adding charm to the fall look.

Important! Do not forget that bright shades are in the lead this season. So do not deny yourself a fiery red, yellow-orange or deep pink palette.

Spectacular return of the collar

Sacai designers looked back at the past and decided to give the clamp a chance. Only this fall did they choose minimalism. Small black accessories will perfectly fit into a total white or black bow. Image makers suggest making a collar from a regular scarf.

For this you only need:

  • choose a product of medium length;
  • tie its ends;
  • make a few turns around the neck.


Chanel designers presented excellent hats in their luxurious collection. Their “friends” at this show were frill-style scarves. This is a great option for a coat with an original print: a pied-de-bullet or vichy check.

Important! Japanese couturier Issei Miyake has experimented with shades and shapes this fashion year. Cubic scarves were a good complement to multi-colored plaid coats. In other models, Issei gave the items an unusual shape, thanks to their dense texture.


So this fall and winter, the couturiers made sure that women of fashion did not overload their imaginations by creating complex knots on a graceful neck. Girls just need to choose the right color for the scarf to make the autumn bow a win-win.

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