“I have never been physically attracted”

Singer Billie Eilish, who celebrated her majority in December this year, became the main character of the new issue of the British version of GQ for July-August. In an interview with the magazine, the multiple Grammy winner admitted that she was familiar with the problems of body shaming and self-acceptance. Billy said that all her partners criticized her figure – this was the reason for many complexes.

Willie Ailish

“Here’s a sensation: I never felt wanted. My ex-boyfriends didn’t contribute to my self-confidence. None of them. And this is a very serious problem in my life – the fact that I have never physically attracted anyone, ”said Eilish.

It is with this that the artist explains her love for baggy and closed clothes – she does not want people to judge her by her appearance:

“So I dress the way I dress. I don’t like the idea that you guys, absolutely every one of you, judge a person by his figure and other external features. But this does not mean that I will not wake up one day and decide to put on a T-shirt, as I did before. “

At the same time, Billy notes: she is so accustomed to her style that she seemed to become his hostage. Previously, the girl was so worried about this that she tried to imitate her peers, buying only what was in trend.

Willie Ailish 2

However, soon Eilish realized that she did not want to change herself to fit the fashion and those around her, but she still, sometimes, worries about her style:

“Sometimes I dress like a boy, sometimes like a swaggering girl. I often feel trapped in a personality that I created with my own hands. Sometimes it seems to me that those around me simply do not perceive me as a woman. “

Previously, the singer has already spoken out many times against bodyshaming and objectification. When a girl, being modest and underage, was just starting to gain popularity a few years ago, she constantly had to hear ridicule from teenagers or sexualized statements from mature men because of her large breasts. For a long time, Billy did not appear in public without baggy T-shirts or sweatshirts, so as not to allow people to watch and discuss her figure.

Willie Ailish 3

This continued until the singer decided to shoot a video where she slowly takes off her clothes. The pop diva emphasized that she was tired of advice on improving her appearance.

“You have an opinion about my words, about music, about my clothes, about my body. Someone hates the way I dress, someone praises. Someone uses my style to judge others, some try to humiliate me. Nothing I do goes unnoticed. Do you want me to lose weight, become softer, softer, taller? Maybe I’m quieter? Are my shoulders provoking you? And my breasts? Maybe my belly? My hips? Is the body I was born with not meeting your expectations? If I lived only with your views, sighs of approval or condemnation, I would not be able to move. You judge people by the size of their clothes. You decide who they are and what they are. You decide what they are worth. Whether I put on more or less – who decided that this shapes me? What does it matter? ”She said.

At the end of her interview, Eilish added that she does not meet with anyone for “long months” – she is simply not attracted to anyone, and alone she feels as comfortable as possible.

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