Interview with 100-year-old style icon Iris Apfel

Legendary style icon Iris Apfel, who celebrated her 100th birthday on August 29, is the ultimate proof that you are exactly as old as you feel.

“Of course, living to a century is amazing, but I truly believe that I am just the oldest teenager in the world.” Iris jokes. What is the secret of her forever young love of life? “Equally enthusiasm and drive!” – says the birthday girl.

In 1950 Iris opened a fabric house Old World Weavers together with her late husband Karl. She worked as an interior designer for a long time and even had her hand in decor and restoration projects for the White House for nine different presidents.

Iris Apfel
Photo @ iris.apfel

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Despite the fact that this stunning lady has always had impeccable style and flair for fashion, she entered the fashion industry much later.

“At 84, I got my first big job in the fashion world, so I’ll say a banality, but age for me is really just a number,Iris says. – Love for my projects, in which I put all my heart and soul, helps me to stay young. Therefore, I will never stop working. “

After 90 years, Iris Apfel signed a contract with a modeling agency IMG, released an autobiographical coloring book and memoir, and presented a capsule fashion collection with the company HSN and a collection for the home with the company Grandin Road

And to celebrate her centenary, Iris decided to partner with an eyewear brand. Zenni to create a collection Iris Apfel Zentennial with a wide range of large, bright and very bold frames.

In the August issue of the publication In Style in the heading Badass Women (“Tough Women”) an interview with Iris was released, in which she talks about her significant anniversary, what inspires her, and why she has no plans to slow down anytime soon.

You recently made it to In Style’s Top 50 Cool Women. What makes you a tough woman after all?

It’s simple. My confidence! Anyone who accepts himself as he is – in style, career and in general in any aspect of his life – is already a tough person. I believe in the old adage “You will fail if you don’t even try.”

Every step in life, be it mastering a new skill, a new job, or starting an exciting adventure, requires confidence.

You will be 100 years old on August 29 – how will you celebrate this date?

People know that for a very long time eyewear has always been my signature accessory, so to celebrate my 100th anniversary, I found an amazing eyewear brand that we worked with.

When I met the brand Zenni and saw their glasses, I instantly fell in love. Zenni Is a brand for all people (regardless of status and age) who have their own style and who love glasses. I think this should be noted.

iris.apfel 2
Photo @ iris.apfel

What do you think people will get from this new collection of glasses?

Glasses Zenni for all those who seek to stand out from the crowd. And I think everyone should stand out. I hope the collection inspires people to embrace themselves, have a little fun and take a chance on their style. I am not afraid of bright colors like red or turquoise.

There are many frames in the collection that will grab your attention! In other words, this collection calls for self-expression and individuality, and these are the main qualities for me, I live by them!

What motivates you to constantly create and create?

I traveled a lot around the world and was inspired by the impressions. In my projects, you can see my love for architecture, decor, vibrant colors and patterns. You will even see design motifs I have gleaned from treasures from bazaars and flea markets around the world.

I continue to be creative because it makes my life active, joyful and fun. And I also love to be different every day. And this is only possible when you say yes to the possibilities, keep experimenting and be curious.

Do you have a specific style advice that you consistently follow?

Style means not spending a lot of money. It’s not about what you wear, but how you feel when you wear it. Be bold and try new things. Plus, your outfit won’t be complete without eye-catching accessories that highlight your personality. I have these glasses. The bigger and brighter the better!

iris.apfel 3
Photo @ iris.apfel

What else would you like to do?

In the near future, I do not plan to slow down at all. I am constantly looking for ways to express my personal style, to take risks and improvise.

This year I have new partnerships with brands, and I want to share my style from home decor to glasses with other people, and that’s not all! I will continue to challenge myself and continue to open new doors.

Of all the things you’ve done, what are you most proud of?

In everything I did, I remained true to myself. I decided to celebrate my personality every day – I think it’s cool. I am proud of my career and my achievements, especially after 90 years, and I am optimistic about my future. I look ahead and look forward to new adventures in my 100s. And this is also very cool!

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