Is it worth it to confess your love for a man first, and how to do it correctly?

Not in Russian traditions, the first declaration of love that sounds from a girl. It is the man who is believed to take this first step. And female courage in this case is declared immodesty and condemned by the majority. Moreover, this majority can sometimes include the object of love itself.

So is it worth it or not to take this step first? And how to do it right?

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Is it worth confessing love first – all the pros and cons

Arguments in favor of “ceding the right of first recognition to a man”:

  • The effect of recognition may not be at all what the girl expects. Recognition obliges, and a man may simply not be ready for the transition of relations to another level. As a result, instead of a reciprocal confession, the girl risks hearing “I’ll call you” and see his sparkling heels.
  • Most often, a man reserves the right to the first step (in everything) for himself. And the recognition of the girl can hurt his pride.
  • It is not uncommon for a girl to mistake a man’s friendly frankness and tenderness for love. A declaration of love in this case will only bring disappointment and resentment.
  • If a man does not value the girl too much, then recognition will only increase his feeling that “Women themselves fall like pears at his feet”


  • If he’s afraid to take the first step, because he is not sure of her feelings, then recognition will be a springboard for a more serious relationship.
  • Recognition can become that very point above the “I”, after which you no longer have to guess on a camomile and suffer. Either pan, or disappeared. In any case, certainty is always better than waiting for the unknown.

There are not so many arguments “For”, but love is not an ordinary phenomenon. If the soul requires love, and the words themselves are ready to break from the tongue, then you do not need to keep them in yourself. The worst thing that can happen is that the relationship will end without really starting.

But this is not a reason for depression, because if your prince flees away from you on his white horse, as soon as he hears the first “Love”, then this is simply not your prince. And human life is too short to regret anything.

How to declare your love beautifully?

How to beautifully confess your love to a man or boyfriend – 10 best ways

Of course, you can not invent anything and just open your feelings, looking the object of love directly into his unearthly eyes. Or whispering in your ear. Nice, simple, romantic.

But I want to confess so that he will remember for the rest of his life …

For your attention – 10 original ways to confess your love to Him.

  1. Write love poems for Him in a beautiful postcard and send it by mail. You can use modern “soap”, but a handwritten confession and a postcard smelling of Her perfume are always happier (and more effective) than an electronic “note” and even more so an SMS message.
  2. Does he have a favorite radio wave? Order a song for him (preferably the one that you both remember) and accompany it with your confession. True, you must be sure that he will actually listen to the radio at this moment.
  3. Can you sing? Do you even write songs yourself? Make a clip for Him. Even if he is unprofessional and “low-budget” – the main thing is from the heart. By the way, modern capabilities allow you to make wonderful clips without professional training and studios. Well, how to present this gift to your loved one – the choice is only yours.
  4. A mini-book with your general photos. You can order it in any printing house – a kind of photo album in a glossy magazine. And necessarily a colorful confession inside (or immediately on the cover, which is already there). The design can be done independently on a computer or ordered there, in the printing house. Such a confession can be secretly slipped into his bag, solemnly presented at a romantic dinner, or sent by mail.
  5. Romantic dinner. Naturally, candles, beautiful dishes, pleasant music. And for “sweet” – a cake baked with your own hand (although you can order) with a declaration of love. However, such a culinary confession can be made from anything (even from scrambled eggs and ketchup) – turn on your imagination!
  6. Recognition on an advertising banner. Yes, it will cost you a pretty penny, but he will not only notice and appreciate your “Love”, but he will also remember. The main thing is that the banner is located along its traditional route.
  7. Fireworks show. Not the cheapest way to confess your feelings, but fantastically beautiful and memorable. Thanks to modern technologies, everything is possible today! And the heart in the sky, and your names, and a declaration of love. It is desirable that this gift comes as a surprise to him.
  8. Laser show”. In the evening he looks out the window, and there, on the wall of a neighboring house … Such a laser recognition will cost much less than fireworks, and the effect is no less amazing. You can order this mini-show at any company that prepares the holidays. Its scope depends only on your wallet.
  9. At the cinema. And here, too, you will have to spend a little. You shoot a mini-video with a confession and arrange with the cinema staff to put your video on the screen right after the movie.
  10. Extreme way. Jump with a parachute (together, of course) and confess your feelings during the flight. This method will definitely not work if the young man is afraid of heights (he simply will not have time for confessions), and also if this young man is already far beyond …

How to confess your love and not ruin everything – the main mistakes of girls

Before deciding on such a crucial step, one should think about the main thing – is it really love? If you are confident in yourself, there are no obstacles for you. The slightest doubt is a reason to wait for recognition.

What else do you need to remember?

  • You must be confident not only in yourself, but also in your partner. It will be offensive, annoying and painful to hear in response to your confession – “but I don’t,” or even a mocking laugh.
  • Choose the right time and place. Not the best option is to confess your love at the moment when your loved one is watching the world ice hockey championship or when he is tired, sick and does not want anything at all except a glass of cognac with lemon and a sound sleep for a couple of days.
  • Prepare for rejection. Even if your heart tells you – “he loves me too!” Life is unpredictable, and you can’t guess how your confession will turn out. Therefore, just in case, it is better to be mentally prepared for any development of the situation. So as not to make scenes later, not to cry and not be rude, but proudly leave in English.
  • Do not confess your love “in between” and “on the run.” Your first confession should be remembered by him as one of the brightest moments. And not to dissolve in your joint everyday life, as an insignificant episode.
  • Do not frighten Him with pressure. If he is not ready or is a very modest and closed person, then it is definitely impossible to “push against the wall” his partner and stifle him with a hot confession. Look for a more romantic way so that your loved one does not back up when scared.

And most importantly, be sincere and natural in your confession. No public playing! Your confession must come from your heart.

And you were the first to confess your love to a man? How did he react?

Looking forward to your feedback!

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