Is ultrasound harmful during pregnancy – 5 myths and the whole truth

The question – how harmful is ultrasound during pregnancy – worries many expectant mothers, so we decided to debunk popular myths about the dangers of frequent ultrasound during pregnancy.

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Is ultrasound harmful during pregnancy

Based on Swedish research a group of 7 thousand men who underwent ultrasound during intrauterine development, were noticed minor deviations in the development of the brain.

Moreover, the problem lies not in negative changes, but in significant predominance of left-handedness among those who underwent ultrasound in the prenatal period. Of course, this does not prove a direct consequence of “ultrasound-left-handedness”, but sMakes you think about the effect of ultrasound on pregnancy

Is ultrasound harmful during pregnancy

It is definitely impossible to say that ultrasound is harmful during pregnancy:

  • First, there is no purity of experiment.because every pregnant woman goes through many different studies, which can also have a potential impact on the development of the fetus. In this case, the evidence of the harm of ultrasound during pregnancy should not be statistics, but an experiment. He should confirm the negative effect of ultrasound waves on the brain of the developing fetus.
  • Second, it takes time., during which it will be possible to judge the possible consequences of precisely those devices on which ultrasound is now being carried out. Just like drugs are tested – they are not released on the market until their safety has been confirmed for 7-10 years. In addition, it is wrong to compare modern ultrasound equipment with old equipment from the 70s.
  • Well, thirdly, all medications or tests can be useful or harmful – the only question is the quantity. So in our country it is considered a healthy norm – 3 ultrasounds per pregnancy. The first – at 12-14 weeks to identify malformations, the second – at 23-25 ​​weeks, the third – before childbirth to assess the state of the placenta and the volume of water.

Is ultrasound harmful during pregnancy

MYTH # 1: Ultrasound is very bad for prenatal development.

There is no refutation or evidence of this.… Moreover, conducting research on old devices of the 70s, experts did not reveal a harmful effect on the embryo.

The answer of the specialist of gynecology and ultrasound examination D. Zherdev:
Do not perform frequent ultrasounds. However, if there is a threat of miscarriage, then, of course, you need to go to an ultrasound scan. If there are no such indications, then 3 planned ultrasounds are enough. “Just like that” research does not need to be done, especially in the first trimester. After all, ultrasound is a wave that repels from the organs of the embryo, forming a picture for us on the monitor. I do not have complete confidence in the absolute neutrality of ultrasound. As for the late terms, at which many parents take 3-D images for memory, the possible effect of ultrasound on the development of the fetus is unlikely. At this time, the embryo systems are already formed.

Is ultrasound harmful during pregnancy

MYTH # 2: Ultrasound changes DNA

According to this version, ultrasound acts on the genome, causing mutations. The founder of the theory claims that ultrasound causes not only mechanical vibrations, but also deformation of DNA fields. And this causes a failure in the inheritance program, because the distorted field forms an unhealthy organism.

Studies on pregnant mice completely refuted Gariaev’s statement. No pathologies were observed even with a 30 minute ultrasound scan.

The answer of the obstetrician-gynecologist L. Siruk:
Ultrasound provokes mechanical vibration of tissues, leading to the release of heat and the formation of gas bubbles, the rupture of which can damage cells.
But real equipment reduces these effects at times, so ultrasound is unlikely to harm a healthy pregnancy. I just do not advise you to often do ultrasound during pregnancy in the early stages, because during this period the fetus is most susceptible to ultrasound waves.

Is ultrasound harmful during pregnancy

MYTH # 3: The child is bad from the ultrasound

Yes, some children respond very loudly to ultrasound. Opponents of this study believe that in this way children are protected from the dangerous effects of ultrasound.

At the same time, supporters of ultrasound examination believe that this behavior is associated with touching the sensor and the anxious state of the expectant mother.

Answer of obstetrician-gynecologist E. Smyslova:
“Such spontaneous contractions and hypertonicity can be caused by various factors: ultrasound, or emotions, or a full bladder.”

Is ultrasound harmful during pregnancy

MYTH # 4: Ultrasound is not natural

So say lovers of “natural nurturing”. This is a subjective opinion, to which everyone has a right.

Is ultrasound harmful during pregnancy

MYTH # 5: Ultrasounds are done for statistics.

There is some truth in this, because screenings provide tremendous information for medicine, genetics and anatomy. In addition, in some cases, the doctor may be mistaken or not see some fetal abnormalities. In this case, Ultrasound helps to avoid many problems and even save a woman’s life

Thus, one can only recall voluntariness of ultrasound in our country… Make sure your doctor is using modern, low radiation technology.

Happy childbirth!

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