Jane Seymour on children, grandchildren, husband’s infidelity and late love

This stunning actress celebrated her 70th birthday on February 15th. By the way, Jane Seymour is her pseudonym, taken in honor of the third wife of King Henry VIII, and the real name of the actress, given to her at birth, sounds longer and even pretentious – Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg.

Behind her half a century of a brilliant career, which began in 1970 in the film “The Only Way”. In 1973, Jane Seymour starred in the James Bond hit Live and Let Die, and in 1980 she appeared in the Broadway play Amadeus. And then in her life there were six seasons of the most popular television series “Doctor Quinn, Doctor Woman” (1993-1998), which brought the actress a Golden Globe.

Grandchildren bring back youth

Jane Seymour
Photo @janeseymour

Jane Seymour meets old age very beautifully and with dignity, and wrinkles only make it more noble and elegant. “It seems to me that when I play with my grandchildren, I prolong my youth. They have a lot of energy and it’s so much fun. I also love to meditate, ”she confessed to Closer Weekly.

This British-American actress has both fame and recognition and popularity, but she prefers the role of the grandmother of her six grandchildren:

“Once I vowed that I would not become that same crazy granny who only talks about grandchildren. But this is so great. Your world turns upside down the very minute when your first grandson appears. It is even more magical than when your own children are born! “

Family of the actress

Jane Seymour divorced her last husband in 2015, and in addition to four of her own children (Katherine (39), Sean (35) and twins John and Christopher (25)) she has a stepdaughter and stepson. The actress was married to Michael Attenborough (1971-1973), Jeffrey Plainer (1977-1978), David Flynn (1981-1992) and James Keach (1993-2015). The eldest son and daughter were born in a marriage with Flynn and twins – in a marriage with Keach. Jane Seymour also considers herself to be the foster mother of Jenny Flynn and Kaylena Keach.

In 2013, in an interview with The Guardian, Seymour talked about her relationship with her ex-husbands’ children: “We are very close with Jenny and Kaylen. We do not use the words “stepson” and “stepdaughter” and we do not make any distinction. I am very proud of all my children and spend a lot of time with them. “

Jane Seymour 2
Photo @janeseymour

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Painful divorce …

In 2019, the actress honestly admitted all the twists and turns of her personal life in recent years. In 2013, her 20-year marriage to James Keach ended and the couple separated. It was Keach who directed the actress in the TV series about Dr. Quinn, and their family has long been considered exemplary. Nothing boded trouble … until Jane Seymour found out about the betrayal.

Jane Seymour 3
Photo @janeseymour

“I couldn’t live with this news,” she told the Daily Mail. “I thought we were together forever, but James made a choice behind my back. He was dating another woman. It just crushed me. If he had said: “I fell in love with another, let’s disperse,” everything would have been different. But by the time I found out – and quite by accident – his romance had already been going on for some time. I tried to come to terms with this, but I realized that our marriage was over, and in 2015 we officially filed for divorce. Now we are friends and we try to be good parents, but at that time it was terrible. “

… And new-old love

After their parents broke up, the kids told their upset and emotionally devastated mom about online dating.

“I remember reacting like this:“ What? Am I dating and dating? Are you out of your mind? How does it work? ” – Seymour recalls. – Then my children showed me one thing called Tinder. And I said that no, it will never happen. “

However, like her heroine on the Kominsky Method, Jane met her old love. It was her ex-boyfriend, British filmmaker David Green. In 2014, their paths crossed again, and since then they have been together.

Jane Seymour and David Green
Jane Seymour and David Green

“He had a long marriage, I had a long marriage,” Jane Seymour admitted. – Our marriages fell apart. And we met by chance 38 years later. We were free and decided to stay together. So I didn’t have to meet and meet on Tinder. “

Now that Green is next to her, the actress really likes to be just a grandmother, although she does not forget about work either.

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