How zodiac signs are jealous – astrologer’s notes

In any relationship, there can be situations where partners experience pricks of jealousy under any circumstances. This is not such a terrible diagnosis if a person copes with such sensations on their own, that is, calmly and adequately.

Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and sometimes jealousy takes unhealthy and frankly toxic forms and manifestations. Here is a short and very succinct description of how each zodiac sign expresses its not very controlled jealousy in a relationship.

Astrologer told how jealous of different signs of the zodiac
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This die-hard stubborn will deliver an ultimatum and force you to choose between him and a hypothetical (or real) opponent.


Taurus is quite capable of stopping to the point that he will check your mobile phone in search of evidence of deception and betrayal.


Gemini will erase you from their life at the very moment when you look at someone else with obvious interest.


But the gentle and sensitive Cancer will cry and suffer for days because you are interested (as it seems to him) in someone else.

Astrologer told how jealous of different signs of the zodiac
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Leo will simply go flirting with those around him in order to make you jealous in response and at the same time observe your reaction.


Virgo will begin to fiercely defend their relationship. It is possible that she will chase you everywhere, quietly spying around the corner, or even hire a private detective.


Libra will begin to force you to stay at home with them, cook delicious lunches and dinners and watch TV in an embrace on the couch – so long as you do not disappear from their field of vision.


In terms of jealousy, Scorpio is capable of extreme actions. To impress you, this sign will even dare to completely change its style and its appearance.


The Sagittarius initiates a frank conversation (perhaps even in a raised voice) in order to quickly deal with the problem and close the issue.


Capricorn will behave as if everything is in order. But inside he will feel very bad, and he will also wind himself up so that his love is quickly transformed into rejection and hatred.

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In Aquarius, everything is resolved dramatically quickly. As soon as he feels disrespectful to himself, he will immediately break off the relationship with you.


Pisces will initially suffer in silence, and then (for complacency) they will start bragging about your supposedly strong relationship on social networks and in front of all your friends.

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