What childhood trauma is preventing you from living

Each person has their own baggage of the past. Unfortunately, grievances, complexes and fears often persist in him. All of this can be described as unexperienced emotions.

Parents scolded one person in front of classmates, the second was ridiculed by friends, and the third was betrayed by the closest person. Unfortunately, the psycho-emotional trauma of childhood has a significant impact on our present. To improve the quality of modern life, you need to understand what childhood trauma prevents you from enjoying the present (if any). Ready? Then get down to the test!

Important! Take a look at the image of the 4 blots and choose the one that interests you the most. The choice should be made intuitively.

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Option number 1

In the past, you have had negative experiences with people, but they were not your parents. Your stress may have been related to friends or teachers. You felt rejected, misunderstood and underestimated. Hence your self-doubt.

Your main problem today is low self-esteem. You often refuse to take an action, because you anticipate a refusal. And this is a big mistake! You should step out of your comfort zone more often. This is the only way you can overcome your inner complexes and stop being afraid of failure.

Important! Remember, your life depends, first of all, ON YOU, on your decisions and actions. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, the main thing is to be proactive.

Option number 2

Your current problems are the result of a lack of parental approval as a child. Even an innocent joke of a mother or father told about a child can negatively affect the formation of his personality.

Chances are high that your parents disliked you as a child. Perhaps you did not feel their support and approval, which is why you grew up insecure and notorious. You may not even guess about your current complexes, but they are.

It’s hard for you to trust the people around you, isn’t it? The reason for this lies, again, in a child’s memory: “I trusted my parents, but they rejected me, now I will be stronger and cut myself off from people so as not to be betrayed again.” It is difficult for you to start a conversation with strangers, you are a secretive and cautious person.

Advice for you! No matter how difficult it is to trust people in order to live happily, you have to interact with them. Therefore, in order to get rid of your complexes, try to go out more often, at least in the company of your closest people. By gradually building up your social capital, you will gain ease of communication.

Option number 3

Your childhood trauma is humiliation, perhaps public. You have most likely been ridiculed or rejected by someone you respect. He could be the reason why people turned away from you. Probably, the betrayal on his part was unexpected for you. It is as if he drove a knife in your back.

Now you are a very sensitive person who is always looking for the approval of others. You find it difficult to make decisions on your own. Before that, you consult with close friends or relatives, as if sharing with them some of the responsibility for future consequences.

Advice for you! Be free from public opinion. Live YOUR life by making decisions for yourself. Stay strong in any situation.

Option number 4

Most of all, you are afraid of getting rejected. That is why you often give up on undertakings, especially if you cannot predict the result.

Your childhood was probably not happy and carefree. Or, as a toddler, you felt a significant loss, the loss of something important. The fear of loss experienced in childhood is deposited in your mind. Hence – the desire to surround yourself with a large number of YOUR people who will never leave your life.

You are prone to neurosis and depression. Sometimes you find it difficult to concentrate on your work. How to be?

Advice! Become self-sufficient. Yes, it’s not easy, but you have to do it if you want to be happy. Learn to live fully without relying on others.

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