Jimmy John’s One Dollar Subs 2018

In celebration of Customer Appreciation Day on October 25, Jimmy John’s is once again offering $1 subs. The limited-time deal is only available during the daytime and is available at participating locations. The sandwich is priced at $1 and customers are allowed to order one per person. They can also choose from any classic sandwich, such as the BLT, and have it delivered for a low price. If you’re looking for a cheap lunch, head over to the closest Jimmy John’s store to grab a sub.

Jimmy John’s has been giving back to the community and the country through the Liautaud Family Foundation. In 2017, he set up a foundation to help organizations in the military, arts, and education. Since then, he’s given to hundreds of organizations, including the Mayo Clinic and Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. His brother, Big Jim, started his own business in plastics molding and sold encyclopedias.

While the Liautaud family foundation is named after Jimmy John’s founder, it has given to hundreds of charities and institutions around the country. The foundation supports organizations that promote health and education, and it also supports arts and military organizations. In addition to these two programs, Jimmy John’s has made donations to Camp Southern Ground and the American Heart Association. The company’s one dollar subs campaign is a great way to support charities in your community.

Previously, Jimmy John’s locations have held $1 Sub Days. The event was celebrated at all of its locations. It was also known as National Customer Appreciation Day and was repeated in 2017. However, the last time it happened, the promotion was on its way out. The dollar sub promotion usually occurs at a Grand Opening event. In 2018, the promotion has been limited to new locations. In fact, the event has already ended.

Aside from the new one dollar subs, the brand has added a low-calorie sandwich called the Little John. This $3 sandwich is a slim mini version of the eight- or sixteen-inch sandwich and is 6.5 inches long. As long as there are participating locations, it’s a good time to get a Jimmy’s one dollar sub. This deal will also make it possible to save money on other purchases.

Another recent promotion is the launch of a new $3 version of the popular Little John sandwich. The sandwich is known as the ‘Little’ because it is 6.5 inches long, which is shorter than the eight- or 16-inch sandwich. It is a great way to get a cheap sandwich and enjoy the great service and food at Jimmy John’s. In addition, a new menu of one-dollar sandwiches is coming soon to participating stores in the North Texas area.

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