John Cena Vs Batista Last Man Standing

The first match of the PPV, John Cena versus Batista, is a physical one. The match was sold out at Baltimore’s 1st Mariner Arena and featured a tense back and forth finish. The spinebuster and Batista Bomb were the main attractions. After these two submission moves, John Cena fought back by tying Batista’s ankles to the ring post. After the nine count, Cena applied the STF to incapacitate Batista. Then, he hit the Batista Bomb and applied his own reversal of the same.

Batista pinned Cena for several minutes and was able to power-slam him through an announce table. After the match was halted, Cena began to bleed from his injuries. Afterward, Batista attempted to run over Cena with a car but he was able to catch him and throw him to the floor. Then, the two men went to the ringside and fought each other.

The second match in the event featured Batista facing off in a twenty-minute ‘I Quit’ bout. The match was slightly above average and included a ‘Attitude Adjustment’, which the two delivered on top of a car. Afterward, they pushed each other through an announce table. Although the PPV was cancelled, the fan base was happy with the result.

Batista and Cena’s last match was a brutal affair that featured numerous high-profile moments. The Attitude Adjustment was a signature move in the match, which led to a brawl in the stands. The second match was an extremely tense and exciting bout featuring multiple slams and submission holds. The last match was a classic example of two aging superstars facing off one another.

In the third match, Batista and Cena both battled for the WWE Championship. The first match featured a Batista Attitude Adjustment and a STF. The second match saw the two perform STFs on each other. The match ended with the final performance being a rousing brawl. Both men had a great fight and were praised by fans.

Batista’s victory was a controversial one. The match featured several moments of physical violence, including a brawl in the stands, and a series of submissions and slams on chairs. The final match was a highly contested and controversial affair. It was a match that both men were unable to win, and they both had their share of success.

The last match between Batista and John Cena was a disputed match in the WWE. The WWE Championship was won by Cena after an intense match against Batista. The ringside brawl lasted for nearly three hours. The match ended with the Attitude Adjustment and STF. A brawl followed after the match, and the WWE Championship was on the line.

The second match in the PPV featured the PPV, with Cena defending his WWE Championship against Batista. After the match, Cena dominated the PPV and Batista won the title by pinning the latter to the ring. The second match between the two was a KO and a tag team, which featured both men’s superstars.

After the first Last Man Standing match, Cena and Batista’s rivalry continued on. After Batista won the Over the Limit show, he was able to challenge John Cena for the WWE Championship. After the match, Cena defeated both Sheamus and Randy Orton to win the belt. He then won the Fatal-4-Way.

The match between Cena and Umaga was the most dramatic in the show. The two wrestled a series of strikes in the ring, but Umaga was too big for Cena. A single hit by the monster on the back from a distance made him unconscious and the match ended with a no-contest. The Miz and Edge were also not able to save their opponents in the final.

The final match was a lopsided match. Both men won the previous matches, but they couldn’t stop each other. However, in the final match, the Hart Dynasty won. The Miz was pinned after the Hart Attack. A second-placed match between both men ended with the same results. But the first match between both men was a classic.

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