John Deere Make America Great Again Hat

On Monday, President Donald Trump introduced new “MAGA” hats, which appear to be inspired by John Deere’s iconic logo. The hats have a tractor-green hue and a yellow lettering, and the slogan “Make Our Farmers Great Again” is printed on them. While the hats aren’t intended to promote agriculture, Trump did use them as an opportunity to tout his policies on trade and the removal of tariffs.

One hat that evokes the ag industry, in particular, is a green and yellow hat. While it is not illegal to copy the design of a hat, trademark protections don’t apply to apparel. However, Deere & Co. is a major employer in Iowa, and it won a lawsuit against a South Dakota ag equipment company last fall. The hats’ distinctive color scheme, green and yellow, has been used by the ag company since the late 1960s.

The new hat was introduced in a campaign aimed at farmers. The hats are reminiscent of the red “Make America Great Again” cap, but the color is green with yellow lettering, and the design makes reference to the company that holds billions of dollars in debt from farmers. The ag equipment giant has long used the green and yellow combination to represent the United States.

This latest hat is a sign of Trump’s administration’s anti-farmer stance. The red hat from the campaign is a familiar color for many, but it’s not the same hat that President Obama wore. The new green hat is intended to recall the tractor maker John Deere, which holds massive amounts of debt from farmers and has forced them to pass legislation prohibiting repair of their equipment.

The hats were designed to promote farmer-friendly policies and help support the American economy. As a result, they are designed to be attractive to both men and women. They also have a snap closure and feature a contrasting color scheme for men and women. Despite the name, the hats aren’t actually made of straw, but they are made of cotton. The fabric of the shirts is green and yellow.

The hat’s name is based on the slogan “Make America Great Again” and is similar to a red cap with the words “Make America Great Again” on the front. However, it’s not a legal statement, but it’s certainly a statement. A hat with this slogan is a great way to promote the message of the ag industry, but it’s worth considering the legality of the hat’s design.

The hat has never made a political statement. It was born in Carson, CA, and has 35 siblings. In addition to its red and white color options, the hat can be found in various styles and colors. A minimum of 36 pieces is required to place an order for bulk hats, but some sellers do allow a lower quantity.

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