John Jay High School Class Of 1987

You may remember the John Jay High School class of 1987 and want to connect with old friends. Do you want to reconnect with old classmates or find out where the time went? Maybe you have lost contact with a friend you thought you saw everyday in school. Or you are wondering when the next class reunion is and if your old friends will be there. There are many ways to get in touch with former classmates, and here are some of the most effective:

The Jays were led by quarterback Carl Booker, who played football and basketball and was a starting centerfielder. Coach Jimmie Smith remembers a game where Dallas Kimball was heavily favored and was forced to take a free throw. During the last play of the game, he snatched the ball and ran it for a 72-yard touchdown. After the buzzer rang, the sophomore rushed for another 42-yard touchdown.

The team was led by three All-Americans, including Robert Santiago, who was the Jay’s senior valedictorian. Coaches praised his performance, and he was named the state’s top volleyball player. The Jays went on to win the ’91 5A State Championship, led by his mother. The class of 1987 has many alumni in common. This is a list of memorable moments for the school.

The class of 1987 graduated with some of the most notable players from the Jay sports teams. Some of them include Josh Reynolds, the star wide receiver for Texas A&M and Moses Reynolds, one of the top college football prospects in the San Antonio area. In addition to Josh, Lott’s mom, Michele, is a former Jay teacher. In addition, her son, Moses, is a current teacher and coach at the school.

Aside from his accomplishments on the court, Chris Ross was also a star on the Jay basketball team. The two teams met twice in the state championship game, and in the final, the Jays won, but their team was beaten by Dallas Kimball. In the first game, Dallas Kimball won by five points, so the Jays lost the game in the second. However, their season ended with the state championship, which is a record for all-time finalists in the sport.

The class of 1987 has many distinguished alumni. A former Jay football player, Demetria Sance, is one of the best volleyball players in Texas. Her mother coached the team two years and was an All-American and a State champion. During the class of 1987, she was a part of the national volleyball team. At the same time, she is the lone female athlete. Whether you’re a fan of the sports team, or a Jay alum, you can join the alumni group!

A student-athlete with an eye for basketball, Chris Ross led the team to the Texas High School Basketball State Championship twice. He averaged 26.5 points per game and 11 rebounds during his senior year and broke the Aggie record for most touchdown receptions in a single season. He was voted the San Antonio Player of the Year and was an All-Star in his senior year. His mother, Michele Reynolds, taught at Jay and was also a coach.

The class of 1987 had many notable alumni. During the class’ senior year, Carl Booker was a star on the Jay football team. He had a career-high rushing average of 78 yards per game and made a record-breaking tens of three touchdowns in her senior year. In the ’91 season, Sance was the leader of the team, leading Jay to the 5A volleyball State Championship.

In 1987, Carl Booker and his teammates had the same dream: a state championship. The two seniors were teammates on the Jay basketball team, and they were both drafted by the NBA. In the ’88-’89 season, the Jays went 38-1 and won the state championship. The team was ranked as the #1 team in the state for most of the year, and was district, city and regional champs.

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