John Lewis Christmas Advert Man On The Moon Star Wars

The man on the moon in the new John Lewis Christmas ad is a French actor, Jean Masini. He’s most famous for his YouTube channel, Mazz Mazin. He’s a fan of Star Wars and has been in many other films and television shows. The film is based on the popular novel, The Last Jedi, and stars Darth Vader.

The spoofs on the new John Lewis Christmas ad have been a huge hit, with nearly six million people watching it online. The ad, created by Adam & Eve/DDB, has inspired countless parodies and has even received a special award from AdFilm. While the original advert shows a hapless Darth Vader opening a thoughtful present, spoofs have appeared online and have been viewed more than five million times on YouTube in the first 24 hours.

Despite its controversial nature, the spoofs are a huge hit online. Some users have even remade the John Lewis Christmas advert in Star Wars style. The video features a lightsaber-wielding space lord, and the Death Star. Sadly, some fans have taken it too seriously, and the spoof has been met with ridicule.

As with any other spoof, this one has gotten a lot of attention, and has been widely parodied. Woodg1234 added a little Star Wars excitement to the ad by using clangers to play off the scene. Clangers were creatures on the moon that emerged from craters. They cover them with saucepan lids when they rest.

The spoof is a great way to make a Christmas ad funny. The original man on the moon, which was created by Adam & Eve/DDB, is a classic Christmas ad that’s become a viral hit on the Internet. The spoof shows the space lord attempting to smuggle the Death Star out of the crater.

As far as spoofs are concerned, John Lewis’s advert has gotten some pretty hilarious comments. In the Twittersphere, the spoof focuses on Darth Vader and the Death Star, and was widely shared by 6.4 million people in the first 24 hours. But aside from the actual spoof, the man on the moon was not the only object featured in the festive ad. The company’s cleverly mashed-up the film with a number of characters and music.

The John Lewis advert has been seen by 6.4 million people on YouTube. It has spawned a variety of spoofs. A parody by woodg1234 added a little Star Wars spice to the ad with clangers, which were the creatures that roamed the moon in the 1970s. In the spoof, the man on the moon uses a telescope for less than reputable purposes, and the ad has been ridiculed by various websites and social networks.

While the spoof advert on the moon is aimed at a young audience, it was a spoof that was very well received by Star Wars fans. The advert features Darth Vader and a little girl who spots Nazis on the moon. It is an ode to loneliness, and highlights the plight of lonely people. However, the spoof ad that features Darth Vader on the moon is a parody of the original, but it also makes the point.

The Christmas advert by John Lewis has exploded online. It has also been parodied online by users. While the ad has been watched by 6.4 million people, the advert has received a large number of spoofs and memes. It is a fun spoof, but the real star of the Christmas ad is the iconic man on the moon.

The John Lewis Christmas advert has sparked many tears and shared videos online. It’s one of the most talked-about slots of the season. It features a little girl trying to contact a man on the moon and spending Christmas alone. The ad has been widely adapted by the internet. Its tear-jerking story has been reworked by different brands as a spoof.

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