John P Kee Change The World Tour Dates

Gospel living legend John P. Kee is on a worldwide tour to perform his classic hits. The tour kicks off with a concert in the San Francisco Bay Area as part of Music Monday. He will be performing with a live band and playing songs from his full discography. Fans of the gospel artist will be thrilled to see this show. The live shows are packed with gospel fans who can’t wait to see this incredible gospel musician perform.

The “Broken” Tour will be on display at the North Campus of Virginia Commonwealth University on December 11. Seating is limited and COVID-19 protocol will be followed. The concert is free, but attendees are asked to register in advance. Despite this, John P. Kee shows have been sold out for years. This is a rare opportunity to catch this amazing singer live. The upcoming tour is sure to be a smashing success!

Fans should plan to get tickets to this show early to ensure a great view. The show will be free, but seating is limited. You will need to register to attend the show. The doors open at 6:45pm, and seating is limited. If you plan to attend the concert, you will need to register to ensure a seat. The event will be COVID-19 compliant.

Currently, John P. Kee has over 10 albums and multiple albums. His concerts have been sold out for years, and many fans are anxiously awaiting the next one. Don’t miss this amazing concert! Don’t wait another minute to catch him live! If you’re a fan of gospel music, you’ll be happy you did. The concert will leave you wanting more.

If you’re a fan of gospel music, you’ll want to catch John P. Kee’s Change the World tour will be held on Saturday, December 11 at 7pm. This concert will be held at the North Campus of the University of Richmond, 4247 Creighton Road, Richmond, VA. You must register for the concert in order to get tickets to this event, as seating is limited.

The John P. Kee Change the World Tour will take place in 2022. There are a total of 10 shows in 2022. These are all sold-out events and will feature the gospel star. In addition, there are a variety of other special appearances and a wide variety of other music. This tour will showcase the artist’s talent and his gospel albums. While you’re there, don’t forget to listen to his music.

If you’re interested in seeing John P. Kee live, you should make sure to sign up for the event. He’s been topping the charts for a long time and has a spectacular live show to offer. Don’t miss out on this amazing show! There are a number of other concerts and performances this year. Check out the tour schedule below to find out when you can see him in concert.

The upcoming tour dates for the John P. Kee Change the World Tour will include a concert in Richmond, VA. The event will be held on December 11 at 7pm and will be held at the North Campus, 4247 Creighton Road in Richmond. If you’re looking for tickets to this concert, don’t wait any longer. There are many other great events this year, so make sure you sign up now.

The “Broken” tour will also be held on Saturday, December 11 in Richmond, VA. The concert will be held at the North Campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. You must register for this concert in advance to guarantee a seat. Because seating is limited, you’ll need to sign up ahead of time. You’ll need to pay to see John P. Kee. This tour is going to be a sellout, so get your tickets now!

As a Grammy award-winning singer, Kee is also a pastor. The two of them met in Flint in 2008, where he performed with the choir from his New Life Community Choir. Afterwards, he performed gospel songs in the church to raise money for a new boiler for the school. He is still a popular figure in the city, despite having been a drug addict for more than half his life.


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