John Wesley Hardin Business Card For Sale

A rare example of a John Wesley Hardin business card is available for sale in our online auction. The handwritten card has the office address in El Paso, Texas, with the statement, “Practicing in All Courts.” This business card also contains a letter certifying its authenticity from Robert E. McNellis, who was appointed as temporary administrator of Hardin’s estate. The letter is signed by Whitmore and contains a brief history of the outlaw’s legal career.

This John Wesley Hardin business card features the card’s name, address, and practice in all Texas courts. The actual card is in excellent condition, with three bullet holes in it. The card is signed by Hardin himself and is displayed in the Bryan Museum in El Paso. A copy of the business cards is also available online. These two items are worth a lot of money. It’s possible to find more than one of these historic documents, so don’t delay. You can find one of them at the museum.

This JOHN WESLEY HARDIN business card is in excellent condition. It reads: ‘JOHN W. HARDIN, ESQ. ATTORNEY AT LAW.’ He has engraved ‘ATTORNEY’ and ‘RECORDED BY ROBERT E. MC NELLIS’ on the back. He served prison time for a crime he committed when he was sixteen years old. He was eventually pardoned and went on to practice law in El Paso. Unfortunately, he was killed by a deputy in 1895, as his name would be reflected on this rare card.

A JOHN WESLEY HARDIN business card is an important piece of history. It’s a rare example of early nineteenth century American history. The card has a hefty price tag and is in extremely good condition. A framed copy of this artifact is a valuable investment. You can use it as a historical resource or for your own personal collection. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look and make your dreams come true!

An 1890s JOHN WESLEY HARDIN business card for sale is a beautiful piece of history. It was used by the first cousin of the famous John Wesley Hardin. This is a highly regarded example of the artist. You will be proud to own this historic artifact, as it is a unique piece of American history. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to own it.

This engraved business card for sale is a rare example of an 1890s JOHN WESLEY HARDIN business card. The card’s information includes ‘JOHN W. HARDIN, ESQ. ATTORNEY AT LAW’ and ‘ATTORNEY-AT-LAW.’ The card is a rare example of American folklore.

The JOHN WESLEY HARDIN business card for sale is a great example of an important historical piece. This 1890 business card is a perfect example of a Texas outlaw’s past. A rare and beautiful piece of history, a JOHN WESLEY HARDINS calling card is the perfect way to celebrate this historic day. There are no two better ways to honor a family member’s accomplishments than by making a special gift of a John W. Hardin artifact and a memorable keepsake.

A rare JOHN WESLEY HARDIN business card for sale is a wonderful example of the man’s prolific nature. It is a very interesting example of his enduring legacy in the Old West. Not only is it valuable, but it is also unique. Its authenticity is a testament to the artistry of a famous folk hero. You will be able to find an authentic JOHN WESLEY HARDINS playing card in an exclusive auction.

The John Wesley Hardin business card is a treasure for collectors. The card is an excellent example of the outlaw’s enduring legacy. A high-quality JWH business card is an exceptional example of the legendary outlaw’s history. Its quality makes it a rare piece of history and a perfect item to own. The value is in the cards’ condition. If you are interested in a JWH card for sale, this is the ideal opportunity to own a piece of the outlaw’s past.

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