Jump rope for slimming the abdomen and legs – exercise video, results

Losing weight by summer is an important task for most modern women. But how can you do it quickly and efficiently? You can starve yourself with diets or heavy weight training. But there is a more fun option – to remember childhood and jump on a rope. Yes, this type of aerobic exercise allows you to get rid of a few extra pounds and cheer yourself up.

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Benefits of skipping rope for slimming belly and legs


Have you noticed that in films and sports programs, almost all athletes warm up by jumping rope? Indeed, because it is – the simplest cardiovascular machine, and on his side – a sea of ​​advantages.


  • Jumping rope saves money. It costs much less than a fitness or gym membership.
  • Saves you time… You can jump anywhere, in any place convenient for you. And this means that you do not need to travel far away to the gym and waste time on the road.
  • The jump rope is simple. Every girl knows how to handle this gymnastic apparatus. There is no need to master complex exercises for this simulator. You just need to jump.
  • The rope is compact. It doesn’t take up much space, unlike a treadmill, exercise bike or even a stepper. You can put it in a box and not think about redeveloping the room.
  • You can take this machine with you wherever you go. Go for a jog to the park, for a picnic, for a walk with the dog, on a trip to the sea or to another place, if you plan to keep an eye on your figure there too.
  • The rope can be used for other exercises as well.
  • Jumping rope is fun. Children’s fun is not overshadowed by its routine, such as exercises with a barbell or a treadmill.
  • Jumping rope is an effective cardio workout. Mischievous jumping improves blood circulation, eliminates congestion in the veins, and vibration reduces cellulite.
  • The rope acts on all the muscles in the body. The legs are the first to return to normal, then the stomach and buttocks. Skipping rope also strengthens the arms.
  • Jumping improves the functioning of the respiratory system.
  • Improves endurance and coordination of movements.

Contraindications for losing weight with a jump rope – who is prohibited from jumping?


But jumping, unfortunately, is not recommended for everyone.

And this simulator has its own contraindications:

  • Problems with the cardiovascular system. After all, jumping puts a huge strain on the heart.
  • Diseases of the joints.
  • Rachiocampsis.
  • Hypertension.

Even if now the disease does not make itself felt, it is worth choosing softer types of workouts, since after several exercises with a rope, an exacerbation may begin with severe pain.

Rules for choosing a rope for slimming legs and abdomen – which rope is right for you?


The rope must be of a suitable size. Remember, as a child, we urged him on by winding an extra rope around his hand?
To determine the ideal length, you need to stand with your foot in the middle of the rope and raise your arms. The handle should be in the middle of the chest.

You can also be guided by the following recommendations:

  • For growth up to 152 cm, the appropriate rope length is 210cm
  • Up to 167 cm – 250cm
  • Up to 183 cm – 280cm
  • Up to 184 cm – 310 cm

The material is better to choose synthetic – pvc… It allows you to reach the highest speed, and thereby increase the intensity of aerobic exercise. After all, this is the main condition for effective weight loss.


Cotton or nylon – very light materials and you won’t be able to jump on them. Because they create less stress. But such materials are ideal for beginners and people with a large body weight.

The rope handles must be strong and firm. Ideal in foam rubber or neoprene. Weighted handles are useful for athletes. Ordinary people can overextend their shoulder joints.

Exercises with a skipping rope for slimming legs and abdomen – video, photo of the results

To begin with, you need to find out several conditions for correct training with a rope.


  1. Shoes should be shock-absorbing. At least – with a thick rubber sole, for example – sneakers. Running shoes work well. You can’t jump in ballet shoes.
  2. Do not practice on concrete or asphalt for the same reason, there is no depreciation. And the result of such exercises is damage to the joints. Jump on trampled dirt, carpet, rubberized halls and playgrounds, or wooden floors.
  3. Bend your knees as you land.
  4. Jump as low as possible… This increases the speed.
  5. Spin the rope with a brush only, not with the whole hand.
  6. Do not lift your shoulders or twist your elbows… They should be pressed against the sides.
  7. Be sure to stretch especially for the calf muscles and tendons. To do this, bend forward from a standing position, palms touching the floor. do warm-ups for the ankle and knee joints.
  8. Jump in a special bra. This will save your breasts from sagging, stretch marks and micro-injuries.
  9. Get into the rhythm of your workouts gradually. The first two weeks, do no more than 15 minutes, 2-3 times a week. Increase the duration by 5 minutes each week.
  10. Take breaks if your breathing is severe.… Your body doesn’t need a lot of stress.

Of course, jumping in only one style is boring, especially when you are doing 30 minutes a day with high intensity. Therefore, we will tell you how to diversify your workouts… Those who in childhood tried to jump girls from a neighboring yard will remember these examples.

Types of rope exercises:

  1. Normal jumping on two legs.
  2. Jumping on one leg.
  3. Jumping with a change of legs. With each rotation of the rope, the supporting leg changes. Those. we land alternately, then on the left, then on the right foot.
  4. Jumping from side to side on two legs.
  5. Jumping forward backward on two legs.
  6. Running jumps. You need to jump with a forward movement, landing on one or the other leg.
  7. Jumping with an overlap of the lower leg back – modified exercise “with a change of legs.” Try to touch the buttocks with the heel of the non-supporting leg.
  8. Jumping backwards. The rope does not rotate clockwise, but counterclockwise.
  9. High knee jumps – modified exercise “with a change of legs.” In a jump, you need to raise your legs high until a right angle forms between the thigh and lower leg.
  10. Jumping with legs crossed. In a jump, you need to cross your legs, then put them parallel to each other.
  11. Jumping with arms crossed. The rope describes either a straight circle or a crossed one.
  12. “Heel – toe”. If you are wearing special shoes or jumping on a well-shock-absorbing surface, then you can jump, landing on toes and heels alternately.
  13. Freestyle. You can also come up with your own set, which will consist of a certain set of exercises and the required number of repetitions. Come up with your own fitness program!

Losing weight with a rope is simple, fun and fast, because 10 minutes of jumping replaces 30 minutes of running or 40 minutes of swimming.
Jump and improve your figure with pleasure!

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