Korean drama “Squid Game” Tops Netflix Top

The South Korean TV series Squid Game went down in the history of the American streaming service Netflix as the most popular TV series, reaching 111 million users on the service. Reported by CNN.

South Korean drama
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111 million users is a mark on Netflix that indicates the number of people who have watched the series for at least two minutes. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that not all of the 111 million users have watched The Squid Game from start to finish. This data has not been verified.

Netflix has posted on Twitter about its most watched TV series. The tweet reads, “The Squid Game” has officially gained 111 million fans, making it our biggest series launch ever! ” The service reached a record number of views of the series in less than a month. The first episode of Squid Games was released on September 17th.

The plot of the series tells the story of a group of people who, due to the need for money, decide to participate in survival games. If they survive, they will receive a large cash prize.

According to the Izvestia columnist, film critic Sergei Sychev, Netflix’s success is natural, since marketers were developing a promotion strategy before the series was released. South Korea began “attacking” world culture back in 2016 with the horror film Train to Busan. At the moment, apart from the Squid Game, the most popular music in the style of K-pop.

South Korean drama
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However, Ekaterina Mizulina, head of the Safe Internet League, called on to check the popular TV series Squid Game. The fact is that parents are worried that although the cruel series is disguised as 18+, children and adolescents can see it. And then play squid in reality.

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