Kristijan Golubovi Net Worth

Kristijan Golubovic net worth is unknown. He has been the focus of attention for many reasons. He has appeared in a number of reality television shows, including Farma, which gathered several celebrities to live on a farm outside Belgrade. The show has been a hit in Serbia, but has faced controversy for its content. It is known for its explicit language, sex acts and violent outbursts. It has been called the zenith for bad taste and the lowest common factor among people with low intelligence. Yet, it is still a huge success.

His criminal history has left him with a considerable net worth, which is not surprising considering his long list of convictions. His recent arrest in Greece was the result of an arrest warrant issued by Serbia. This warrant stemmed from an incident in July 1994 where Golubovic allegedly slapped a man in an attempt to extort DM10,000 from him. He refused to be extradited to Serbia by a court in Greece.

Golubovic was famously arrested for drug trafficking. A friend of his, Zeljko “Arkan” Raznatovic, was arrested with Golubovic and two others after a drug deal went wrong. Golubovic stopped them because they were allegedly using heroin in Belgrade bars. Golubovic and his friend were arrested and he was later freed after four hours of detention. Police found ammunition without a serial number and a Beretta gun in Golubovic’s mother’s apartment.

While serving his jail sentence, Golubovic released his debut song Moj Czas with Brex from Poland. The song is about the Yugoslav Wars crimes committed by Serbian soldiers. Golubovic is currently serving a four-year sentence in Zabela prison. However, Golubovic’s net worth is still unknown. Golubovic released a rap song called “Jack i Chivas” together with Elitni odredi.

His tall tales are also part of his reputation. He is a close friend of Milorad Ulemek, who has maintained relations with Arkan. He claimed that he would have fought in the Serbian Volunteer Guard, but turned down the offer due to fear of prison. In addition, Kristijan Golubovic claims that he had been asked to assassinate Serbian politician Vojislav Seselj for a small fee.

Apart from being a talented martial artist and a successful crime-fighter, Golubovic is also a prolific Instagram user. His lifestyle photos and selfies with his friends have raked up his net worth to a substantial extent. His Instagram account boasts of over 140,000 followers. His success in the TV business is due to his criminal-fighting and rap history.

He married Ceca Raznatovic in 1996. Ceca was a former commander of the Serb Volunteer Guard unit. However, they got married two months later. Although both couples had previously been married, Arkan was legally divorced just two months before the wedding. Despite the fact that Ceca’s parents opposed the union, the wedding took place on 7th January 1995. Ceca made her first television interview one year after her husband’s wedding.

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