Lane Bradbury Net Worth

Lane Bradbury is an American actress and writer who has been active in the entertainment industry since the 1950s. Lane uses art to express herself and help others find peace. She has a net worth of $10 million. Bradbury is an actress with many notable relationships. She is sometimes associated to Anwar Ali and Damian Hall. In this article, we will discuss her career as well as her net worth. You can also learn about Lane’s height, eye colour, and education.

Lane Bradbury’s net worth is between $1M to $5M. Lane Bradbury is currently 81 years old and lives in the United States. Her height is 5 Feet 6 Inches and her original weight is 56 kilograms. Bradbury is single and does not want to reveal her private life. Lou Antonio was her husband as of July 2018. Bradbury does not have any children. Her net worth is expected to rise.

Bradbury’s career in the film and television industry is diversified. After her debut role on ‘Wings of an Angel’ in 1958, she also starred in the film ‘The Fugitive.’ She married her husband Lou Antonio in 1960 and began a long career in Los Angeles. She made many guest appearances on television shows throughout the 1970s, and was especially popular in reruns of ‘Gunsmoke.’

Lane Bradbury’s net worth is calculated by combining several social factors. Her actual income and expenses may differ significantly from the figures shown. Bradbury was born and raised in California. His age is unknown. Lane Bradbury’s Instagram followers are estimated by a combination of various social factors. The cost of an ad on an Instagram post depends on its followers. There are no official sources of Bradbury’s Instagram income, but she is known to pay thousands of dollars for each Instagram post.

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