Late for work – 30 effective excuses for the boss

If your boss is indifferent to what time you come to work, then we can assume that you are very lucky. However, usually, the administration reacts to being late, to put it mildly, negatively. Of course, anything can happen, but sometimes subordinates come up with a bunch of completely ridiculous excuses that the boss is unlikely to believe: “The hamster died, was buried with the whole family“,”The cat gave birth“And other nonsense. And this is far from all that the imagination of an employee who cannot wake up to work on time is capable of.

This material will be useful for those who are late for work, but need an effective excuse to the boss.

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How to make excuses correctly

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A few words at once about your “truthful” explanations:

  • Once you finally get to work, do not wait until you are called on the carpet, go to the boss yourself and apologize for being late. Don’t be afraid to talk to your boss personally. The boss is the same person as the rest of us, he also has problems and troubles.
  • Behave with restraint and confidence. You are not a truant – you are a victim of circumstance. Do not go into conflict, remember where you are and who is in charge here. However, of course, you can safely object if you have been insulted or humiliated by your human dignity.
  • You cannot name the death of relatives or loved ones as a reason for being late, if this is not true. You shouldn’t joke like that, because the health of your relatives is your own health.

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30 effective excuses for the chef

Now let’s move directly to the plausible reasons for the tardiness. What can you tell your boss if the time has caught you by surprise or you are at the wrong time and in the wrong place:

  1. The trolleybus broke down (tram, bus), which you took to get to work. Very plausible, but in this case the time of your delay should correspond to the waiting time of the next trolleybus.
  2. Traffic jam. An excellent option, especially if the chef commutes to work by the same route.
  3. Did you have an accident, flattened the tire at the minibus, the truck turned on the road in front of you, and the journey slowed down.
  4. In the morning a pipe burst in the bathroom, and you are waiting for the master.
  5. Felt bad in the morning: stomach upset. Usually, such a message evokes understanding – you don’t really work when you have to leave the workplace every half hour.
  6. You are late due to problems with relatives… For example, you urgently went to the area to dig up your grandmother’s house, which was covered with snow overnight. Or the nanny was late for the child – there was no one to leave the baby with.
  7. Late due to pet problems… For example, a dog ran away from a walk, and you tried to find it.
  8. Hangover… Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of dad, mom, grandmother.
  9. You tore your pantyhose… For new ones I had to run to the store.
  10. Are you stuck in an elevator… The mobile connection worked very poorly, and could not warn.
  11. You forgot your keys (cell phone, head and money)… The grate key flew out of reach. You are stuck between the front door and the grate in the hallway. They didn’t leave the key and you couldn’t leave the apartment; were late because they had lost the key to the office and were looking for it at home.
  12. You forgot to turn off the iron or a straightening iron. I had to return home.
  13. You fell asleep on the subway and drove past their stop.
  14. You are stuck at a railroad crossing, which is closed several times a day.
  15. You were robbed on the subway, stole money, snatched out a purse.
  16. Drunken neighbors set themselves on fire or vice versa – they flooded you.
  17. You are taking medication – you can’t miss an appointment, but you forgot the packaging at home – you had to return, otherwise all the treatment will go down the drain. And what kind of disease? An intimate plan, I don’t want to talk.
  18. You were detained at the doctor’s appointment… They were tested.
  19. Yesterday you were so busy with work that you did not have time to do it in the office, had to keep working at home… By the way, they did not close their eyes all night: they were preparing a report, typing numbers, drawing up schedules and so on. We went to bed in the morning and slept for only a couple of hours.
  20. You were detained by a police officer and checked the documents for a very long time, deciding that you got behind the wheel drunk or looked like a composite photo.
  21. You overslept Is probably the truest excuse for a late worker. Although not every boss will agree that such a reason is objective and can justify the employee.
  22. At your doorstep (at the exit from the entrance) someone else’s evil dog sits, who appeared from nowhere, and you cannot leave the house – you are afraid.
  23. Broke and the alarm clock didn’t ring
  24. The weather is not flying. You were in such a hurry that you did not notice the puddle. Slipped and fell. Dirty and wet, we went home to change.
  25. You have traffic police strictly every month carries out a full inspection of the vehicle.
  26. You’ve got it all night had a toothache and the flux appeared. You urgently go to the dentist.
  27. In the morning, suddenly the temperature has risen
  28. Homes jammed lock… You fiddled for half an hour until you were able to open it.
  29. Painful critical days – a very plausible reason for being late. You’ve been running for painkillers.
  30. Sutra to you called on a serious issue from the housing office, gas facilities, a bank, which today only works until a certain hour. Think out the reason for the challenge yourself.
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In order not to be late, you need to leave earlier, and for this – to get up earlier. No matter how disgusting, but very effective if yelling. Of course, the end justifies the means, if your excuse is harmless enough and at the same time what happened gives you serious reasons for being late. The main thing is not to overuse! In general, it’s better not to compose – explain yourself honestly with your boss. Trivial, but true. And, the truth is always better than wandering eyes and uncertain muttering in front of the authorities.

Expert commentary

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Friends! I will not try to sweeten the unpleasant truth. It goes like this: Being late is always bad. By lingering wherever you are, you put the people waiting for you in an awkward or awkward position. Therefore, if possible, avoid such curiosities.

What if the delay could not be avoided? First, you shouldn’t make excuses right away. Understand that the fact that you are delayed is already prompting everyone to think about your losing state. Second, ask for forgiveness. And thirdly, briefly recount the reason for your delay as truthfully as possible. This way you can protect yourself from losing the trust of your superiors.

How did you have to make excuses to your boss for being late? Let us know in the comments!

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