Leadership test – what do you see in the picture?

Psychotherapists often use picture tests to diagnose the personality states of their clients. But, among them there are those, work with which allows you to determine whether a person is inclined to a particular model of behavior or not.

Continuing the series of tests from What Do You See? we invite you to take a new psychological test for leadership qualities. Do you consider yourself a leading person by nature? Find out if this is so.

How to take the test? Rule one: look at the picture and remember the FIRST image that you saw. After that, see the result.

leadership test
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren
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Test: What do you see in the picture?  Find out if you have leadership qualities

You saw crocodiles

You definitely have leadership qualities. Blindly following orders and following someone’s plan is not about you. You prefer to lead rather than follow someone. Moreover, you get angry and frustrated when you feel controlled. Therefore, it is difficult for you to do the work under the supervision of someone. Your potential is revealed only in those types of activities that are possible with complete freedom.

You like it when people depend on you, when they ask for your opinion. At times like this, you feel meaningful and important.

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Did you see the bat

You are by nature a follower, not a leader. Responsibility has always scared you. Therefore, you always strive to be under the wing of someone who is stronger and more influential. You feel calm in situations where you are not forced to take responsibility. You like to obey. This is how you feel protected. Subconsciously, you strive to be not free. You are strongly attached to people, you need frequent communication with them. Criticism hurts you. You feel happiness and joy when you are praised.

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