Learn English from Scratch – Useful Websites for Effectively Learning English at Home

English at home from scratchSomeone English (and sometimes not only English) is given so easily, as if a person grew up in an English-speaking environment. But most people, unfortunately, have to work hard to master at least the basics. Is it possible to learn a language quickly and without teachers?

Can! And 50% of success is your sincere desire.

The content of the article:

The rules for learning English effectively from scratch at home – how to master the language faster?

A new language is not only an expansion of our consciousness and horizons, it is also a huge benefit in life. Moreover, English, as you know, is considered international.

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So where to start learning, and how to master the language without resorting to outside help?

  • We decide on the goal. Why do you need a 2nd language? To pass an international exam, to communicate with residents of another state, to get a new job in another country, or just “for yourself”? Based on intentions, it is already worth choosing a technique.
  • Let’s start from scratch! It is impossible to learn a language without knowing the basics. First of all – the alphabet and grammar, as well as reading rules. The usual self-instruction manual will help you with this.
  • After obtaining stable initial knowledge, you can proceed to the choice of the contact study option. For example, Skype lessons, the option of remote courses, or a school with the possibility of distance learning. Having an interlocutor is the key to success.
  • After choosing a course of study, be sure to pay attention to fiction. It is recommended to use adapted texts at first, and only later, when gaining experience, you can switch to full-fledged books. It is important to master (qualitatively) the technique of fast reading. Read detective stories and novels. Let the books not be literary masterpieces, the main thing is that your vocabulary expands. Do not forget to write out and be sure to memorize vocabulary unfamiliar to you.
  • Refer to movies, TV shows and famous TV shows in the language of your choice. It will be difficult to understand anything at first, but over time your hearing will get used to foreign speech, and you will even begin to understand it. You can devote such educational viewing 30 minutes a day, or you can even watch only foreign TV programs.
  • Speak your chosen language consistently: at home, commenting on their actions; communicating with friends and family members, etc. Let family members support you in your endeavors – this will make the process go faster. Constant practice is essential.
  • Do your language studies at least three times a week for 1-2 hours. Or every day for 30-60 minutes. Reinforce your practice with practice – the effort shouldn’t be wasted.
  • Constantly work on your speaking skills. You need to read simple articles (any), listen to news in the language, write short texts, train your English speaking skills.

  How to learn English on your own from scratch?

Organization of learning English at home – program

Frankly speaking, English is the simplest language on earth. Therefore, do not set yourself a “wall” in advance with the setting “this is difficult, I will not pull.”

The installation must be correct – “it’s easy, I can handle it quickly.”

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Where to begin?

Preparing for the first stage of training

Stocking up …

  • Books and video courses with the basics of the language.
  • Films in English / language without translation into Russian.
  • Fiction and educational magazines.

Also, they will not be superfluous:

  • Specific resources for learning a language through communication. For example, foreign comrades, chats, etc.

Basis – what can’t you do without?

The first month and a half is the period during which you must master the basics of the language.

Do you think not enough? Nothing like this! A month and a half is even “with a margin!

The “basics” include …

  • Alphabet.
  • Building sentences of any type.
  • Obtaining the minimum (initial) vocabulary (from 300).
  • All necessary grammatical forms.
  • Correct reading and pronunciation.

Now you can move on to the exercises.

For a workout that will take about 3 months, you can use popular thematic services, ideal for expanding the vocabulary.

The plan for learning with such resources is simple – every day you spend at least 1 hour on the following exercises:

  • Add 5 new words to your dictionary.
  • We take a small text on the topic of the words that you have chosen and translate it. We add 5 new words already from this text, again, to our dictionary.
  • We find an advertising video or a song to our taste and also translate.
  • We perform the entire block of exercises (in accordance with the selected service) in order to memorize words from the dictionary.

Each week should bring you 70-100 new words. That is, in 3 months you will already be able to boast of an increase in vocabulary by more than a thousand words, while acquiring skills of quick translation practically on the go.

The natural environment is one of the main criteria for success

The more often you hear a foreign speech, the easier it will be for you to learn the language.


  • We communicate with native speakers.
  • We discuss common everyday topics in English / language.
  • We read foreign press, books, leaf through magazines.
  • We watch films without translation.

The ideal option is to travel abroad. Not on a visit, not for a month or two, but for a year or two, so that the effect of learning the language is maximized.

Without leaving reading, we grab the pen and write on our own

Describe anything you want – events, news, your actions.

Ideally, if you start keeping your diary, using not Russian, but exclusively English.

It is important to learn not only to write correctly, but also to express thoughts correctly.

Complex shapes – the next step

After 8-9 months of hard training, you will be able to read and write in English / language without difficulty. You can also easily translate texts.

From this point on, it makes sense to move on to more complex forms that were not previously used. For example, “Need have” or “I wish I knew”.

Practice, practice, practice – anytime, anywhere

If you do not have foreign comrades in social networks and Skype, then you can use international chats or specially created (on the appropriate resources) chat rooms.

By the way, it is not so difficult to find a foreigner for practice in our domestic social networks. Many foreigners strive to get closer to the Russian speech and register on our sites: you can help each other.

It is recommended to look not for direct native speakers of your chosen language, but for Chinese or, for example, Japanese, with whom it will be much easier to learn English.

After a year, your knowledge will have reached a sufficient level to continue learning the language somewhere in rainy London, completely immersed in the culture of native speakers.

And a few more tips:

  • Learn the language from the first person. Memorizing phrases from phrasebooks automatically simulates specific situations in the mind: by trying each phrase on yourself, you avoid the impersonality of jagged texts, which later will help you get used to the text and memorize it more effectively. For each topic in the phrasebook – 2-3 days. Learn sequentially, be sure to memorize all the accompanying words.
  • According to experts, the ideal learning formula is 30 words daily. Moreover, 5 of them must certainly be verbs. It is recommended to take words with a new letter of the alphabet every day. After you have “run” the whole alphabet “in a circle”, you can start again with “A”. The effectiveness of the method lies in the creation of a good tradition (rule), which gradually becomes a habit and is transformed further into a system. Skipping days and arranging weekends is prohibited.
  • We translate and learn songs. Another good habit you should make yourself. The main advantage of the method is excellent pronunciation, purity of the style of the language, getting used to the style of presentation. Write a list of your favorite songs and start with them.
  • Listen “unconsciously”. You do not need to catch every sound of the announcer – catch the general tonality, try to immediately grasp the immensity, do not delve into details.
  • Take advantage of the learning opportunities on Skype. There are many teachers in the network who want to work in their field. Find the best one and agree on cooperation.

  How to learn English on your own and quickly at home

Useful sites and programs for learning English from scratch

Anyone who said that “learning a language at home is impossible” is just a lazy bore.

You can and should!

And not only books, skype, movies, dictionaries will help you: in our age of the Internet, it is simply a sin not to take the best from it. Learning English is easy if you know where to start.

Your attention – the best, according to web users, resources for learning the basics, for practice and for useful communication:

  • We study the rules of reading. We learn to read and pronounce sounds competently, get acquainted with transcription.
  • Online dictionaries or Even with excellent knowledge of reading rules, you should check the pronunciation of new words. The most popular language in the world is pretty tricky. And it contains words that do not want to obey the rules of reading at all. Therefore, it is better to listen to, pronounce and remember each word.
  • or We form our vocabulary. It will be much easier to memorize new vocabulary if you have a visual vocabulary. The most attention is on the verbs!
  • Accustom yourself to the constant sound of foreign speech. The simplest audio recordings are 1-2 minutes to start. Further more.
  • Not sure where to watch the daily news in English? You can here. The texts are simple, there are audio recordings for all the news. That is, you can listen to the sound of new words and, of course, repeat them after the announcer, and then add them to your dictionary.
  • Lingualeo. A very useful self-study application that will always be at hand. Ideal for learning new words and consolidating material.
  • Duolingo. This application is suitable not only for learning words, but also for teaching the construction of sentences. And, of course, it will help in pronunciation.
  • or Helpful resources for doing the exercises. You should not add dozens of sites to your favorites “in batches” – find 2-3 sites and use them daily.
  • Here you will find 100 lessons, as well as collections of useful words and phrases with translation (you don’t need a dictionary here). Among the features of the resource: the presence of normal and slow-motion audio tracks, the sound of individual words by simply hovering the cursor.
  • A beginner-friendly site with word cards, exercises, a library, click-to-translate, work with your own dictionary, etc.
  • Tasks for beginners: basic words, simple texts.
  • A resource where you can listen to groups of words by topic. To get used to the sound of speech.
  • Simple phrases – slowly and clearly – in educational cartoons.
  • A concise and straightforward grammar guide. No superfluous theory – everything is clear and accessible. Tasks can be completed online or printed.
  • A resource with free books for your level. Simple texts, adapted literature.
  • Here you will find easy texts to listen to.
  • An extremely useful resource for adults and children, beginners and “seasoned” students.

And remember the main thing: you are a native speaker of not only the most beautiful and richest, but also the most difficult language in the world!

Imagine how native English speakers are tormented trying to understand our “scythe with scythe mowed scythe”, for example.

Believe in yourself and don’t stop! Success comes to those who work for the result, and do not dream about it.

How do you study English? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below!

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