Lisa Gaye Net Worth

Lisa Gaye Net Worth

Lisa Gaye is an esteemed American actress who has amassed an impressive fortune during her career. Renowned for her versatile acting abilities and on-screen charisma, Lisa has quickly made an impressionful mark in the entertainment world and built herself an impressive net worth through hard work and dedication to the entertainment world.

Lisa Gaye Griffin was born in Denver, Colorado on March 6, 1935 as Leslie Gaye Griffin and later moved with her mother – also an actress – to Los Angeles as soon as they could. Lisa followed in her mother’s footsteps and quickly began acting alongside Debra Paget and Teala Loring while brother Frank Griffin also pursued acting before going onto makeup work for other actors.

Gaye Gaye was first exposed to acting by her sisters before taking part in a screen test for Universal International in 1953 that would lead to her contract and name change to Lisa, as soon after that she began performing roles that showcased her versatility; from playing bobbysoxer in The Glenn Miller Story or betrothed of Audie Murphy’s character in Drums Across the River (Audie Murphy being played by Audie Murphy herself), all the way through Ten Thousand Bedrooms (1958), Night of Evil (1961).

Her TV work was also noteworthy: She appeared in numerous series throughout her career. These included three episodes of The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show in 1956, 13 episodes of Have Gun Will Travel in 1957, five episodes each from detective series 77 Sunset Strip and Hawaiian Eye, two ABC-WB episodes Bourbon Street Beat, seven appearances on CBS’s Perry Mason, as well as Death Valley Days where she made a brief cameo as June Webster.

Gaye shifted her focus away from film in the early 1970s, opting for television instead. She married and gave birth to Janell shortly thereafter before retiring from acting until late 1969 when her family needed her most. She passed away peacefully in Texas on July 14, 2016 at age 81.

At only 23, she made waves as an accomplished B movie actress. Most notably she appeared as Ms. Malfaire in Troma’s “Toxic Avenger II” and “The Last Temptation of Toxie.” Additionally she became popular on the NYC nightclub scene appearing at Danceteria, Tunnel, Limelight, Life as well as Danceteria Tunnel Limelight Life among many others. With her strong artistic interest she even managed to curate “Xenographia”, an experimental installation featuring photography music video art that featured various forms including photography music etc, showing worldwide and being shown by different art galleries globally at this young age! It truly represents something incredible for someone so young.

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