Love for a married person: a psychologist’s view of the future

If you are in love with a married man, then you are most likely experiencing a lot of conflicting emotions. Sometimes you just can’t help but feel blissfully happy because you fell in love. But then you suddenly jump back to reality and remember that he is married and that this is a very, very difficult situation. None of us dreams of being in a similar situation, but we live a life in which we are not immune from anything. Psychologist Olga Romaniv will tell you what future awaits you in this relationship.

Can you trust him?

love for married

If a man in a monogamous marriage has an affair, he will inevitably lie, so you already know that he is capable of deception. Did this lie spread to you? Did you know he was married when you first met him or did he lie to you about it? The fact that he is lying to his wife is a wake-up call, but if he tried to close his eyes to you too, you have to admit that he is definitely unreliable.

If he ever leaves his wife for you, you have no guarantee that he will not do the same in a few years, only with you.

You may not be the first

If he doesn’t seem to have any real intention of leaving his wife for you, you may not be the first “mistress.”

As sad as it is, you may not even be the only one, although that would require some serious organizational skills on his part. After all, it’s hard enough to fit three women a week. No matter how special he makes you feel, you will never know if you are truly alone or standing in a long line.

You don’t have to sit back and wait


Think about your relationship with this man. Stay at home in case he writes that he managed to slip away from his wife. Wait for him when he’s late for dates because he can’t find a reason to leave.

You are wasting time waiting for him to call, whereas you could live with a man and on “legal” rights to resent when he ignores calls and messages for a long time.

You are not his priority

As much as he tries to convince you otherwise, if you are the second woman, you are not number one on his list of priorities.

His wife is an integral part of his life, and if he has children, they will in any case be more important than meeting you.

Accept that he probably won’t leave his wife.

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Very few men actually leave their wives for their mistresses, and chances are good that you are no exception to the rule. Divorce is a very big deal, and there are many things that make him get married, no matter how unhappy he is. Do not believe his words, because only his actions are important here.

Your Possible Future With A Married Man

Perhaps you are just enjoying the thrill. It can be difficult to admit it to yourself, but it’s a risky relationship and it can be quite sexually attractive to both of you.

future with a married

You have to admit that there may be a part of you enjoying the idea of ​​having an affair. And this is definitely the case on his part. Perhaps this story is not about you at all, but if it really is, remember that if he leaves his wife, all this risk will disappear. Your relationship is likely to change beyond recognition, and you will have to face the challenges associated with his overcoming divorce, his family habits, and so on.

You will suddenly start living the mundane, daily routines together, rather than just capturing moments of passion. There is a high probability that by changing the direction of the relationship, you will come to a different conclusion regarding interaction with this man.

Based on the foregoing, you must make a decision yourself: continue meeting with a married man or let him go to his wife and build your family with a free man.

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