Luscher test – determine your psychotype

Max Luscher is a famous Swiss psychologist who offered the world a universal psychological method for determining the psychotype. It is based on the choice of color.

This test is very simple. There is an image of 8 colors. The person is asked to choose one of them. The main thing is to be guided by your intuition, not personal preferences. Are you ready to take the Luscher test? Then get started!

Important! Try to relax and discard unnecessary thoughts. Focus your attention on 8 colors and choose the one that interests you the most at the moment. You don’t have to choose your favorite color.

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Test results


You are a balanced and calm person who values ​​your own comfort highly. It is important for you to build harmonious relationships with people, to be understood. At the moment, you are calm and well. There is no place for stress in your life and that’s great.

You tend to strive for balance. You react painfully to a sudden change of plans, as you love consistency. However, you can adapt to any situation, since by nature you are a flexible person. Romantic and dreamer.


You are a purposeful person for whom success is very important. You pay a lot of attention to your work, so you easily and quickly move up the career ladder. You sincerely love the people around you and everything connected with them. Have a strong urge to live. Very inquisitive and sincere.

Your main drawback is the desire to “dissolve” in people. You feel self-sufficient only with the support of close friends and family. You react painfully to criticism.


You are an emotional and very sensual person. You live to love and be loved. You are a very passionate person who regularly feels a strong need for new sensations. Reckless, temperaments and ready to attack at any moment.

You can be called an impulsive person. You often commit rash acts that you later regret. You have tremendous creative potential, which you are happy to realize. You achieve success with the admiration and approval of your immediate environment.


You are a sociable, honest and decent person who remains an optimist in any situation. You think that indulging in despondency is too boring and stupid. In any situation, you try to find advantages. Experiencing a strong need to “charge” the people around you with your light energy.

You can be called a cheerful person, the soul of any company. Make new acquaintances easily. You know how to negotiate with people, find approaches to them. And all thanks to the perfectly developed communication skills.


You are a man of mystery, and even for yourself. It is sometimes difficult for the people around you to understand you, and they have long given up trying to predict your actions. You like to mystify life, complicate even the simplest. A lot of time fantasizing about the future, hovering in the clouds.

Are subject to sudden mood swings. Now you are funny, and in a couple of minutes you are apathetic social phobia. But this is your main highlight! Purple is often the color of choice for creative people.


You are a practical person. You never hover in the clouds. You perceive everything through the prism of analytics and logic. Know how to understand people, “read” their thoughts and intentions. Skillful businessman.

You find dreams boring and stupid, so you prefer to deal with dry facts and evidence. You are very smart and discerning. Always correctly assess your capabilities. That is why you are rarely wrong, because weighing the pros and cons beforehand helps you avoid mistakes. Going beyond understanding is not about you. You live in the present and rarely leave your comfort zone.


A person’s choice of black indicates that he is missing something very important. Most often it is about understanding or like-minded people. Lovers of dark shades are closed and insecure people who are in no hurry to share their feelings with the world. They find it difficult to trust even close friends, as they fear being betrayed.

If you chose black, then you lack support and understanding. You try to close yourself off from the people around you. Never ask them for help, as you are very afraid of rejection.


You are a person with a rich inner world who has a good imagination and intuition. However, you find it difficult to step out of your comfort zone. Prefer to stay in the shade. By nature, you are a gentle and humble person. Don’t like to get involved in conflicts.

Your main complex is tightness and self-doubt. You are pathologically afraid of failure, so always leave before an important meeting, and do not sleep for several nights before negotiations, preparing arguments. You lack peace of mind.

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