Monochrome makeup – makeup artist tips on how to apply

Monochrome makeup is gaining popularity! What is it and how to do it correctly?

Monochrome makeup
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Monochrome make-up is a make-up made in one color scheme, that is, shadows-blush-lips are applied in the same tone or shades that are very close to each other.

What are the advantages? The fact that to create makeup you need not 15 cosmetic products, but one or three will be enough! Isn’t it convenient?

Remember that nowadays almost all cosmetic products are multifunctional! For example, we can apply a tint for lips on the eyelids, and on the cheeks, and on the lips. Voila and the makeup is ready!

If you only have dry blush on hand, they can help you out, too. Apply them in the same way and you will see the result. Of course, such makeup will not last long on the skin, especially on oily skin, but on dry it may well serve well.

If we are talking about those girls who like it brighter, then we can take bolder, brighter colors!

bright colors in makeup
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But how to connect everything – you ask. I tell you, we take a bright color, for example, cobalt blue or red. What can be done with this color?

Several schemes can be made:

  1. Blue arrows and blue lips, but this option is more suitable for a creative photo shoot.
  2. Red lips, red shaded color, passing from the eyelids to the area of ​​the temple and even going slightly to the upper part of the cheekbone. This option looks fashionable and stylish!

If we are talking about wearable options for monochrome makeup, then it can be natural shades (from light brown coffee with milk to chocolate), salmon shades, peach, peach pink.

The natural range will add softness, calmness to the make-up.

delicate makeup
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If we take a wine color, which is also very popular now, apply it to the eyelids, blend it on the cheeks, and apply wine color to the lips, then this monochrome makeup option will add sensuality and femininity to the image.

Peach, salmon shades will add freshness to the look!

A little secret from me: apply liquid blush and highlighter to match the tone, then your makeup will look glowing from the inside, and the blush will look more natural!

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