Newborn baby discharge kits / envelopes in winter – 10 best models

konvert-mikkimama-dlya-novorojdennogoThis thing means its own for everyone: someone carefully keeps it and picks it up when he wants to remember this magical moment, and someone uses it once and forgets about it. This is a newborn envelope. But both should be interested to know that in winter the envelope is the most popular “clothes” for babies. If an addition to your family is expected in winter, then this article will be of interest to you.

When choosing an envelope for your baby, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The versatility of the model. It does not matter whether the envelope will be used once or constantly, it is very important that the model is universal, i.e. could be used as bedding, blanket, swaddling blanket, etc. For walks, for example, the main thing is that the envelope is warm and comfortable;
  • Spacious option. Choose an envelope so that you can fit a baby wrapped in a blanket;
  • Materials. Wool or microfiber envelopes are ideal for the winter season. These materials keep warm well, while the baby’s body “breathes”. However, it is worth remembering that natural materials are not suitable for a small allergic person, then it is better to purchase an envelope made of high-quality synthetic filler;
  • Convertible envelope. An envelope with a hood, boots and mittens will be an ideal option for an active kid. Usually the legs in such models are wide, and your baby can easily be active with legs and arms. And also such a model will come in handy when the baby grows up;
  • For road trips. For those who like to travel by car with a child, they will like models with special slots for safety belts;
  • Stroller add-on. Very often, winter models of strollers are supplemented with this important accessory for a newborn. The winter bag in the form of a stroller bag will perfectly warm your baby during walks;
  • For growth. Everyone knows that babies grow very quickly, the same applies to newborns. Therefore, when choosing a model of an envelope or a set, take one size larger, as they say “for growth.” Some models are equipped with additional space at the bottom, by unfastening the snake, you can easily add a dozen centimeters for children’s space.

10 best models of winter envelopes / sets for statement

1. Envelope for the statement “Mikkimama”

Mikkimam's statement envelopes

Description: The extreme simplicity and brevity of the shape of the envelope for a newborn, however, does not make this thing ordinary and dull. The bright designs of Mikkimam’s envelopes allow each couple of happy parents to choose for their baby exactly the one that suits their own clothes, mood, and stroller.

Mikkimam’s envelopes for discharge are insulated in winter. This thing will serve for more than one day, because it can be used for the first walks of the baby on the street. The envelope opens completely, thanks to which the baby can change clothes without any problems, and the envelope will be a cozy soft mattress. Mikkimam’s envelope does not restrict the movements of the baby, and the child can take the position he wants, therefore this accessory is chosen by parents who advocate free swaddling of the child.

Mikkimam’s envelopes are produced in St. Petersburg and meet all quality and safety requirements.

The cost of Mikkimam envelopes varies from 3500 to 6500 rubles, depending on the design

2. Set for discharge “Verbena”

Комплекты/конверты на выписку для новорожденного зимой – 10 лучших моделейDescription: The set consists of 5 items: a transforming envelope, a pillow, a blanket, a removable liner and a hat. A wonderful set that is ideal for the solemn day of discharge from the hospital, as well as for practical use in the future.

The set is made of natural materials (cotton and sheepskin) and elegantly decorated in raincoat fabric. The transforming envelope is perfect for various situations: if you use it unbuttoned, it is also suitable for a child sitting in a stroller, unbuttoned completely, it can be used as a rug. The removable fur lining will come in handy in severe frosts, and without it, the envelope can be used in autumn and spring.

Price: 7,900 – 8,200 rubles.

3. Set for discharge “Favorite peas”

Комплекты/конверты на выписку для новорожденного зимой – 10 лучших моделейDescription: This chic set consists of 3 items: a bag (envelope), a jumpsuit and a toy (bear). This option is ideal for changing seasons.

In the manufacture of the kit, environmentally friendly materials were used (cotton, knitwear, holofiber – as a filler). The set has an original and practical look, as well as a modern fashionable decor.

Price: 10,900 – 12,000 rubles.

4. Down envelope with handles “Pushinka”

5Description: This envelope is ideal for both the demi-season and the harsh winter. The lining is made of 100% cotton, the filling is goose down and faux fur, and the outer trim is breathable raincoat fabric. The advantage of this envelope is its ease of use.

Price: 5,500 – 6,200 rubles.

5. Set for discharge “Violet”

Set for discharge "Violet"

Description: This set consists of 4 items: an envelope, a blanket, a hat, a fur insert. A very delicate model, light and elegant, suitable for both boys and girls. For a holiday statement – the very thing. Perhaps the beige color of the model is not very practical for everyday use, but this model will definitely be useful to you in the future.

Price: near 8,000 rubles.

6. Set “Winter patterns”

Set "Winter patterns"

Description: The set includes 3 items: an envelope, a blanket and a hat. The romantic name of the kit speaks for itself. A very delicate and cozy envelope, a warm blanket and an elegant hat will please the most sophisticated mothers. The set is made of natural ecological materials: cotton, sheep wool and holofiber. The universal transforming envelope will come in handy for more than one year.

Price: 8,500 – 9,000 rubles.

7. Blanket-envelope for statement “Vita”

Комплекты/конверты на выписку для новорожденного зимой – 10 лучших моделей

Description: This is a great alternative to kits and special envelopes. Reasonable price and uncomplicated design. Convenient to use and meets all the requirements of winter “clothing”. In addition, the blanket can be used later as a blanket for a baby’s crib.

Price: near 2,000 rubles.

8. Envelope with a cap “Alena”

Комплекты/конверты на выписку для новорожденного зимой – 10 лучших моделейDescription: This envelope comes with a charming bonnet and is more of a girly option. Of course, this model is more suitable for changing seasons than for a harsh winter. Besides, it is a great option if you are not going to use it anymore – inexpensively and smartly!

Price: near 2,000 rubles.

9. Blanket envelope “Northern Lights Premium”

Комплекты/конверты на выписку для новорожденного зимой – 10 лучших моделей

Description: The set contains 4 items: a blanket envelope, a down kerchief, a veil corner and a hat. This set is distinguished by its originality and idle look, it is ideal for a special occasion. However, do not underestimate this kit as it competes with other kits.

The set is made of natural materials (cotton, goose down, knitwear) and is very multifunctional. Each individual item can be used fully.

Price: 11,000 – 11,500 rubles.

10. Envelope with handles “Snowflakes on indigo down”

Envelope with handles "Snowflakes on indigo POOH"

Description: This is ideal for mobile active children. The extended bottom of the envelope allows your baby to freely touch the legs, while actively moving the handles. The model is made of natural materials and is well ventilated, i.e. your baby’s skin “breathes”.

Price: 6,800 – 7,000 rubles.


We were discharged from the hospital when it was winter. And, of course, in such a cold season, you want to wrap your baby as warm as possible. The quality of the Northern Lights envelope is excellent, but its functionality leaves much to be desired. As all mothers know, the first walk, and even in the cold season, is stressful in itself for anyone, because for the first time you are leading your miracle to show the new world. In general, when the child was lying on the bed, packed in an envelope, everything was still good, but when they took the baby in his arms, he began to bend his legs and his head began to slowly fall into the envelope itself, and did not remain in the hood! There was no opportunity to unfasten the envelope on the street, and the baby was clearly giving it all the big inconvenience.
I advise everyone – buy overalls!


I got such an envelope for my daughter (“Vita”). She is now almost 4 months old. Very comfortably! We walk in it in a stroller, it’s hot – I open it, it’s cold – I wrap it up. She does not like swaddling, here – the legs are free, they are separate. Transferring from a stroller to a car seat – no problem. The envelope has a kind of hood, protects from the wind when I take it on the handles outside. The colors are very delicate, the material is soft, very pleasant to the touch. We will soon go for a walk and buy another one, larger. You don’t have to worry about the legs getting cold.


A very necessary thing for the little ones and not only. The envelope (“Favorite peas”) was sewn very efficiently, the second child is using it already. It didn’t break anywhere, not a single zipper broke, the wool didn’t fray. Envelope made of natural sheepskin, soft, warm, pile length about one and a half centimeters. The upper layer is made of raincoat fabric, while the quality of the fabric is such that it is breathable, but at the same time it is not breathable. On the sides and top of the envelope there are zippers that allow you to easily place the baby in the envelope. The envelope is sewn in such a way that it can be used not only as a direct envelope in a stroller, but as a warm bedding for an already grown baby, both in a stroller and in a baby sled. I think that this thing is simply irreplaceable for winter. And the price matches the quality.

If you are looking for the perfect envelope or kit for your baby, we hope that our article will be useful to you! If you have any ideas or experience in choosing a winter envelope for your baby, share it with us! We need to know your opinion!

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