Numerical code to attract money

You may not believe in magical rituals and the power of numerology, but why not try their capabilities on yourself? After all, it will not bring harm. Plus, believing that the power of numbers is real can tune your unconscious mind!

Numeric code for money

Secret code

There is a secret code that attracts financial well-being. This code consists of numbers 5229. This code must be written either on plain paper or on a bill that you will not spend while shopping. By the way, the latter option is preferable, because this way the power of the code will be enhanced by the energy of money!

You can embroider numbers on the lining of the wallet. While embroidering, you need to imagine what you want to buy with the money that the numeric code will attract: this way it will absorb your energy and work more efficiently.

Each digit of the code has its own meaning:

  • 5 – the most significant number in numerology for attracting money. She is a kind of beacon that gives success in earning finance. Five will give luck, for example, it helps to win all kinds of lotteries.
  • 2 – gives self-confidence and energy necessary to increase well-being. There are two deuces in the code at once, so it is designed to empower its owner to obtain the necessary funds.
  • 9 – a symbol of internal development. This figure helps to correctly approach expenses, to choose wisely ways that will help to make more money.

A code to attract financial well-being

Other ways to raise money

There are other psychological tricks to increase your well-being.

For example, there are certain rules for choosing a wallet:

  • a wallet is a home for money. It should be as convenient as possible for them. It is necessary to choose a wallet in which bills will not wrinkle or lie in a mess;
  • it is advisable to choose a wallet made of natural materials: artificial ones block the flow of welfare energy;
  • it is necessary to change the wallet on the eve of the New Year holidays. It is important that it is sufficiently expensive and of high quality. Like tends to like, and there will never be much money in a cheap wallet;
  • you need to buy a wallet, happily and easily parting with money;
  • the purchase must be made on Wednesday or Thursday;
  • first you need to put in your wallet a bill that was presented by a person who is well-disposed towards you. This bill will be your talisman: it is advisable not to spend it, but keep it until the next wallet is purchased;
  • a red wallet will give you stability, a green one will help you increase your capital.

If you were presented with an empty wallet, it is better to refuse to use it. You can present this item as a gift only if it contains a bill of at least a small denomination. Otherwise, the gift will bring nothing but bad luck!

Gift wallet

Believe in the power of talismans to attract wealth, and do not forget that the well-being of your family depends primarily on yourself!

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