On December 31, the Kremlin Christmas tree will be shown on TV

The Kremlin New Year tree is one of the main events of the winter holiday. The New Year’s event in the Kremlin has been held for over 50 years, since 1963.

Every child dreams of visiting the Kremlin Christmas tree. This year, this opportunity will be presented to everyone. Due to the epidemiological situation, the main New Year tree of the country will be held in a TV version.

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Play “The fifth season or who invented the New Year” will be broadcast on the Karusel channel. “Timeless” will take you to Ancient Rome, Italy, Russia and not only.

The main characters of the fairytale musical are Gadget and the Keeper of Festive Traditions. Together they will solve mysteries, find out how the New Year is celebrated in different countries, and most importantly, they will talk about the fifth season of the year.

  • In the grandiose New Year’s show, the best theater and film artists, sports rock and roll champions and acrobats are involved.
  • For a full immersive experience, special beautiful virtual and traditional decorations have been created.
  • In the teleformat, it is possible to see the details, because modern equipment allows you to enlarge the picture and focus on the little things.

The broadcast will begin on New Year’s Day, December 31, on the Karusel channel at 18.00 Moscow time. This is a unique chance to visit the legendary New Year’s event for free and without leaving your home.

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