Optical illusion test: what kind of genius are you?

Do you know your talents, or at least what you do well? Use this optical illusion test to find out what type of genius you are. By the way, each of us has the makings of a genius.

Our task is to find, accept and use these inclinations in everyday life. This is the key to becoming the most successful person possible.

4 types of geniuses

IN 2014 Roger James Hamilton, a social entrepreneur and CEO of the Genius Group, conducted research and identified four types of geniuses.

1. Dynamo

Dynamo geniuses are distinguished by their sharpness of mind and non-standard thinking, and they concentrate as much as possible on their work.

These include, for example, Thomas Edison, Beethoven, and Albert Einstein. It is known that they have the so-called “energy of spring” (according to Hamilton’s definition), that is, they go headlong into the process of creation (up to obsession) and actively implement their plans.

2. Shining

Shining (or sparkling geniuses) have high IQs and powerful leadership and organizational skills. They have the “energy of summer,” which means they succeed when they focus on their strengths in leadership and influencing people. They have excellent conversational skills, ability to connect, win over and gain trust.

3. Measured

Measured geniuses (or geniuses of pace) live by the principle of slow but unconditional victories. They have the “energy of autumn” and are guided by mindfulness, patience and perseverance. They are the complete opposite of dynamo geniuses, as they move to the finish line slowly. They achieve their goals regardless of obstacles or time spent. They also hate external pressure.

4. Steel

Steel geniuses are very attentive to detail and meticulous, but often overly cautious. These geniuses have winter energy and are great at information management or data processing. They are very good at calculating, elaborating and creating complex systems. They are efficient when working alone and are the exact opposite of shining geniuses.

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What kind of genius are you?

Take this optical illusion test.

Look at the image as a black and white circle. Look at the center of the picture and you will see a certain color. Which one?

test type genius
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren
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Optical illusion test: what type of genius you are

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You are a genius of perception. You have a clear mind and are very good at handling complex ideas and concepts. It is not difficult for you to make decisions and make choices. You have a powerful intellect, and you are a good worker and team player. You are honest and clear about your thoughts. In difficult times, people turn to you for help in solving difficult issues.


You are a genius of logic! You have above average intelligence and excellent intuition. You are excellent and, most importantly, quick problem solvers. You are a born leader and have a great influence on people, because you help them find a way out of difficult situations and relieve them of difficulties.


You are very curious, open-minded and easily carried away. You are driven by the desire to learn new information and gain knowledge. You are constantly gaining valuable experience to help yourself and those close to you. You have in your arsenal a lot of interesting and informative stories that you share with others.


You are a person of phenomenal ability, and you use logic like a talented chess player. You have a creative mind and the ability to notice small details. Creativity and creativity can lead you to amazing accomplishments. You love life challenges and new experiences.

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