John Riggins Net Worth

The total net worth of John Riggins is around $119 million. The footballer was born in Kansas, and he is currently 70 years old. During his playing career, Riggins was known for his hard work and dedication to his sport. Even after retiring at 40, Riggins continued his career by exploring different fields and pursuing his dreams. Here are some important facts about Riggins’ networth.

Below is Riggins’ estimated networth. Riggins, a former professional football player has a net worth $6 million. His net worth is significant as he looks great for his age. He had a solid physique throughout his career, playing in 175 games in 14 seasons and scoring more than 100 touchdowns. Riggins retired from the NFL in 1985 and was replaced by George Rogers. The Hall of Fame has awarded Riggins a place.

Riggins played college football for Kansas where he was a leader in the 1969 Orange Bowl win. After he retired from the NFL, Riggins dabbled in acting, appearing in episodes of One Tree Hill, Guiding Light, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Riggins is the father of six children. Since his Hall of Fame induction, Riggins’ net worth has steadily increased. Riggins isn’t content with his wealth.

John Riggins has a significant net wealth, which is the result years of hard work and discipline. Unlike most of us, Riggins’ net worth was built by working hard and being consistent. Riggins was able to work despite his injuries and have two children. His net worth is impressive, but there are still many questions about his past and present lifestyle. Without knowing Riggins’ history, it is difficult to calculate an accurate figure.

Although the salary for an NFL employee can vary widely, it can reach $50 Million per year. Riggins has been part of the NFL for over half his life. He has made a lot of money through his football career, including several endorsement deals. He earned millions of dollars as a professional football player, which includes his numerous awards, honors, and personal endorsements. And Riggins is not just an athlete; he’s a successful businessman with an equally impressive net worth.

After retiring from the NFL Riggins began acting and has a substantial net worth. He has appeared in several television shows, including “One Tree Hill” and “Guiding Light”.

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