Palmistry Marriage Line Will Tell About Women’s Happiness in 2022

How wonderful New Year’s time is! Everyone is in a hurry to complete their business, buy gifts, think over the New Year’s table. But also lovely ladies want to know what the coming year will bring. Will she get married? Will he find happiness in the family? Will the relationship be strong?

Is it possible to see the answers to these questions by hand? Of course yes!

Finding the lines of Marriage will not be difficult for anyone. They are located on the edge of the palm, just below the little finger (Mercury).

The number of lines represents the number of relationships. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances (depth, clarity, signs), which together will make up a complete picture of the relationship.

Using examples, you can see what kind of relationship awaits you:

The marriage line in the palm of your hand will tell you about the possible female happiness in 2022 - an instruction from the palmist
Collaborative illustration by author and designer Colady Lara Lauren

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  1. The ideal marriage line starts under the little finger and runs horizontally. It signifies the depth of feelings, fidelity and strength of a happy marriage.
  2. A short line indicates a short-term relationship, be it a love affair or marriage, although the emotional impact will be quite strong.
  3. Bending downward towards the line of the heart indicates a weakening of feelings during life, which will lead to separation.
  4. Bending upwards towards the fingers indicates a lack of attention to relationships. Difficulties in establishing them are explained by upbringing, education or life experience.
  5. If there is a thin parallel line next to it, then this is a sign of emotional attachment that arose shortly after marriage. Its object can be a person or a career.
The marriage line in the palm of your hand will tell you about the possible female happiness in 2022 - an instruction from the palmist
Collaborative illustration by author and designer Colady Lara Lauren

6. Several lines indicate amorousness. Each line is people who will enter your destiny. It can be both love affairs and attraction to partners.

7. If several lines descend from the line, then each line speaks of quarrels and problems in family life. The reason may be the soreness of the partner or disappointment in him.

8. If several lines go up from the line, then the life of the partner will be directed towards material success. In this case, there is no divorce, but the spouse will lack attention.

9. A fork at the beginning of the line, indicates difficulties, obstacles at the very beginning of the relationship. The reason may not be the opposition of the parents or the unwillingness of the partner himself. But as soon as the lines connect, the relationship finds harmony.

10. A fork at the end of the line indicates a break in relations associated with a difference in character or betrayal of one of the partners.

Knowing several options for the positions of the lines, you can recreate a picture of family life, but remember, this may have a bad effect on your future fate.

After seeing several lines of marriage, you will intuitively set yourself up for happiness with another partner. But at the same time, you will lose your first love. But you could try a little to warm up the family hearth so that feelings flare up again, as at the first meeting.

It is beyond the power of any palmist to understand exactly which union will be more successful. Family happiness depends only on yourself.

I wish everyone who does not yet have a soul mate to celebrate this New Year next to their loved one. After all, we are conscious for happiness!

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