Pregnancy 11 weeks – fetal development and woman’s sensations

Child’s age – 9th week (eight full), pregnancy – 11th obstetric week (ten full).

At the 11th week of pregnancy, the first sensations appear, which are associated with an enlarged uterus. Of course, they made themselves felt before, you felt that there was something there, but only at this stage does it begin to interfere a little. For example, you can’t sleep on your stomach. Rather, it succeeds, but you feel some discomfort.

As for the external changes, they are still little noticeable. Although the baby grows really quickly, and the uterus occupies almost the entire pelvic area, and its bottom rises slightly above the bosom (1-2 cm).

In some pregnant women, by this time, their tummies are already noticeably protruding, while in others such changes, purely outwardly, have not yet been particularly observed.

Obstetric week 11 is the ninth week from conception.

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Signs of pregnancy at 11 weeks

Of course, by 11 weeks you shouldn’t have any doubts about an interesting situation. However, it will be useful to know about the general signs that accompany 11 weeks.

  • Metabolism is enhanced, by about 25%, which means that now calories in a woman’s body are burned much faster than before pregnancy;
  • The volume of circulating blood increases… Because of this, most women sweat profusely, experience an internal fever and drink a lot of fluids;
  • Unstable mood… Emotional drops still make themselves felt. Some anxiety, irritability, restlessness, emotional leaps and tears are observed.

Please be aware that at this time, a woman should not gain weight… If the arrow of the scales creeps up, you need to adjust the diet in the direction of reducing high-calorie, fatty foods and increasing fresh vegetables and fiber in the diet.

It is important that a woman in this period is not alone, a loving husband is simply obliged to find the moral strength in himself to help cope with troubling temporary difficulties.

But, if over time you cannot eliminate psychological problems, then you will need to turn to a professional psychologist for help.

Feeling a Woman at 11 Weeks

The eleventh week, as a rule, for those women who suffered from toxicosis, brings some kind of relief. But, unfortunately, not everyone is able to completely forget about this unpleasant phenomenon. Many will continue to suffer until week 14, and perhaps even longer. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it, all that remains is to endure.

Yet, by week eleven, you:

  • Feeling pregnant, in the truest sense of the word, however, you do not yet look purely outwardly with it. Some clothes may get a little tight, the belly enlarges slightly at 11 weeks. Although the uterus at this time has not yet left the small pelvis;
  • Experiencing early toxicosis, as mentioned above, but it may disappear. If at this time you still feel this kind of inconvenience, then this is quite normal;
  • No pain should bother you… Apart from toxicosis, you should not have any discomfort; for any other discomfort, consult a doctor. Do not tolerate pain, which in no case should bother you, do not risk your health and the life of the baby;
  • Vaginal discharge may increase… But they will accompany you throughout your pregnancy. White discharge with a slightly sour odor is normal;
  • May bother the chest… By 11 weeks, she will have increased by at least 1 size and is still very sensitive. There may be nipple discharge, which is also the norm, so you should not do anything about it. Don’t squeeze anything out of your chest! If the discharge stains your laundry, buy special breast pads from the pharmacy. Colostrum (and this is exactly what these secretions are called) are excreted right up to childbirth;
  • Constipation and heartburn may be troubling.… These are optional symptoms, but 11 weeks can be accompanied by similar ailments. This is due, again, to the influence of hormones;
  • Drowsiness and mood swings all also have a place to be. You may notice a typical distraction and forgetfulness behind you. There is nothing wrong with that, because you are now completely immersed in yourself and your new state, and the anticipation of the joys of motherhood only contributes to an easy detachment from the outside world.

Fetal development at 11 weeks

The size of the fetus at 11 weeks is about 4 – 6 cm, and the weight is from 7 to 15 g. The child is growing rapidly, at the moment its size is about the size of a large plum. But so far it does not look very proportional yet.

It is this week that important processes take place:

  • The kid can raise his head… His spine has already straightened a little, his neck has become visible;
  • The arms and legs are still short, moreover, the arms are longer than the legs, fingers and toes formed on the hands and feet, this week they are already well developed and divided among themselves. The palms are also developing very actively, a grasping reaction appears;
  • Baby’s movements become clearer… Now if he suddenly touches the soles of the feet of the uterine wall, he will try to push off from it;
  • The fetus begins to respond to external stimuli. For example, he may be bothered by your cough or shaking. Also, at 11 weeks, he begins to smell – amniotic fluid enters the nasal passages, and the baby can react to a change in your food composition;
  • The digestive tract develops… The rectum is forming. This week, the baby will often swallow amniotic fluid, he may yawn;
  • The baby’s heart beats at a rate of 120-160 beats per minute… He already has four chambers, but the hole between the left and right heart remains. Because of this, venous and arterial blood mix with each other;
  • Baby’s skin is still very thin and transparent, blood vessels are clearly visible through it;
  • The genitals begin to form, but so far it is impossible to accurately determine the sex of the unborn child. However, in some cases, boys at this stage are already beginning to differ from girls;
  • The eleventh week is also very important in that it is during this period you will be told the exact duration of the pregnancy… It is important to know that after the 12th week, the accuracy of the timing is greatly reduced.

Photo of the fetus, photo of the mother’s abdomen, ultrasound for a period of 11 weeks

Pregnancy 11 weeks - ultrasound
Photo of the belly at 11 weeks of gestation
Belly photo at 11 weeks
What does a fetus look like at 11 weeks of gestation
This is what the fetus looks like at 11 weeks

Video: What happens in the 11th week of pregnancy?

Video: ultrasound, 11 weeks of pregnancy

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

First, it is necessary to follow the general recommendations that you followed in the previous weeks, namely: spend as much time as possible in the fresh air, relax, avoid stress, eat balanced. If the pregnancy is going well, you can even do special exercises for pregnant women. You can also go on vacation.

Now with regard to the recommendations directly to the 11th week.

  • Keep track of your secretions… White discharge, as mentioned above, is the norm. If you have brown discharge or bleeding, be sure to go to the doctor. If you have any suspicions, also consult a doctor;
  • Avoid crowded places… Any contracted infection can say badly not only on your health, but also on the development of the baby;
  • Pay attention to your feet… The load on the veins gradually begins to increase, so try to lie down after any walking or long sitting. It’s a good idea to get a pair of special anti varicose tights. They will be able to facilitate the movement of blood through the vessels, which is why fatigue will not manifest itself so much. You can also do a light foot massage using a cooling gel;
  • Anesthesia and anesthesia are contraindicated! If you have any dental problems that require serious treatment, alas, you will have to wait with this;
  • Sex is not prohibited… But be extremely careful and as careful as possible. Most likely, you yourself feel discomfort when lying on your stomach. Riding pose is also dangerous. Try to choose positions that exclude deep penetration;
  • The first official ultrasound examination is carried out exactly at 11 weeks… By this time, the fetus has already grown so much that it will be perfectly visible. So you can assess the correctness of its development.

Forums: What Women Feel

We all know that each person’s body is individual, so after reading the reviews of women who are now at 11 weeks, I came to the conclusion that everyone is different. Someone is very lucky, and toxicosis ceases to make itself felt, but for some he does not even think to stop.

Some women are already trying to feel the fetus, however, at this stage it is almost impossible. Your baby is still too small, do not worry, you will still have time to communicate with him in this way, you just have to wait a little.

Perpetual drowsiness, irritability, and mood swings, as a rule, continue to bother expectant mothers. By the way, it is possible that all this can last throughout pregnancy, try to be more patient and do not burden yourself once more.

The chest also does not want to calm downsome say they even feel like she is being pulled down. There is nothing you can do, so the body prepares to produce milk for your baby, you just have to be patient.

Future dads shouldn’t be given rest either. You now need moral support, so his presence will only benefit. Many, by the way, say that loving spouses help them to cope with all the hardships that happen to them, because they, like no one else, can find the best and most necessary words.

We also offer you some feedback from women who, like you, are now at 11 weeks. Perhaps they will help you with something.


I, in principle, feel the same as before, I did not notice any special changes. Every hour the mood changes, sometimes nauseous. I haven’t gone to the doctor yet, I’m going to next week. The doctor told me that I need to register at 12 weeks, so so far I haven’t taken any ultrasound or any tests. I would like to have an ultrasound scan as soon as possible to look at the baby.


I also started 11 weeks. Vomiting has become much less frequent, the chest still aches, but also much less. The tummy is already slightly felt and it can be seen a little. About 5 days ago there were problems with appetite, but now I always want to eat something tasty. I can’t wait for the ultrasound, so I can’t wait to get to know my baby.


I started 11 weeks. I was already on an ultrasound scan. Feelings are simply indescribable when you see your baby on the monitor. Fortunately, I have already stopped vomiting, and in general, raw vegetables, such as carrots and cabbage, help me a lot. I also drink fresh apple and lemon. I try not to eat fatty, fried and smoked foods.


We have started the eleventh week of life, at the end of the week we will go for an ultrasound scan. This week is generally the same as the previous one, mild nausea, severe constipation. No appetite, but I want to eat, I don’t know what to eat. There was a feeling of dizziness and white discharge, no pain. At the consultation, I hope to make sure that everything is in order.


I have not yet had the symptoms of toxicosis, I still want to sleep all the time, my chest is heavy and hard. Constantly nauseated, as before, vomited a couple of days ago. Three weeks ago, I was lying in a layer, I did not go anywhere. We have already done one ultrasound scan, we saw a baby!

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