Psychological test – character according to the shape of the lips

Physiognomy is a section of experimental psychology that studies a person’s character by the shape of his body and body parts (arms, legs, body type, etc.). It is not considered an exact science, but it has been noticed that the information given by physiognomists corresponds to reality.

We suggest you take a new psychological test from a physiognomist (please take the survey below).

Find out about your character by the shape of your lips:

  1. Look in the mirror and compare your lips to the six pictures.
  2. Identify the one that best suits you.
  3. See the result.
The accuracy of this test is 98%.  We will describe you by the shape of your lips
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The accuracy of this test is 98%.  We will describe you by the shape of your lips

Option number 1 – Big lips

With plump, large lips, nature has awarded powerful, powerful women who are not afraid of difficulties. They are used to solving problems on their own. Are not afraid to act decisively. We got used to taking everything from life. Such individuals have a huge supply of vitality. They value their personal space very much, but also do not encroach on the independence of other people. Such ladies appreciate powerful, high-status men, to match themselves.

Option number 2 – The lower lip is larger than the upper

You are self-sufficient and independent by nature. That is why you are annoyed by people who are ready to take everything they hear on faith and blindly follow the crowd. You rarely listen to the opinions of other people, as you are used to relying on yourself. Following fashion trends is not about you. You have high self-esteem, you are sure that you are always inimitable.

You are a lady quite picky and selective in social contacts. Earning your trust and securing your support is not easy.

Option number 3 – The upper lip is larger than the lower

Such girls take an active life position. They are never watching idle, always busy with something. Have a ton of hobbies. It is easy and interesting to communicate with them. They have a special aspiration – they bring everything to perfection. Perfectionists by nature.

They have high self-esteem. Sometimes such women show vanity, suppress other people. They have a very strong character. They are looking for a partner to match themselves, as strong and energetic.

Option number 4 – Very narrow lips

Small narrow lips are observed in romantic and modest natures. Women with such lips do not strive for superiority. They can be partners, but they like being led rather than leading. They are sensual and emotional. Enjoy the wonderful and beautiful. They often dream, fantasize, in general, hover in the clouds. It is difficult for such ladies to solve problems on their own, so they often ask others for help. They are often disappointed in love, as they expect from a partner the same deep manifestation of feelings.

Option number 5 – Small plump lips

Such a wife cannot be taken by surprise, since she always plans everything in advance. She has absolutely everything. When something goes wrong, he gets angry and gets stressed. She is very punctual and responsible. He especially controls deadlines.

Such a nature has a huge plus – excellent self-control. She is demanding, first of all, of herself. For this reason, it is rarely wrong. He is well versed in people. Appreciates stability and consistency.

Option number 6 – Large narrow lips

Such girls are incredibly mobile and energetic. They rarely fall into despair, as they are overwhelmed with positive. Optimistic natures. They love outdoor activities. They rarely sit around. The main character trait is adventurism. Women with large narrow lips are very reckless. They have an inherent thirst for adventure. They often take risks. They don’t care about reputation at all.

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