Psychological Test – Choose a fox and discover your future

Do you believe in predictions? We believe in psychology! Fortunately, in the arsenal of modern psychodiagnostics there are scientific tools that make it possible to make the most accurate forecast of the future person. The analysis of the subconscious will allow you to find out what reality you are programming yourself for.

Want to know your future? Then take a look at the picture and choose the fox that interests you more. Trust your intuition!

TEST: Choose a fox and find out for which future you subconsciously program yourself
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren
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# 1

If you chose the first fox, it means that you subconsciously understand that soon you will have to face trials of fate. You mentally prepare for them. Your second I feels that changes are coming and that it will not work out quietly.

Perhaps you have an enemy that you sense a potential threat from. In any case, you will have to take control of the situation, and perhaps even oversee the actions of other people.

Responsibility and fortitude are your companions for the next period of time. Gain strength and patience, you will succeed. And if you want to rest and hide from problems, remember this simple wisdom: “A rolling stone gathers no moss”.

# 2

The second fox will be chosen by people who are tired of sitting in one place and need changes. Subconsciously, you are preparing to let new people into your life, to do important things that will change your life. And this is great!

You are a dreamer and adventurer. You find life without adventure boring and mediocre. You like to discover new horizons for yourself. At the moment, you are probably thinking about what else to do with yourself. Perhaps soon you will go on a journey or meet someone who will affect your personality. In any case, get ready for the change and accept it with gratitude.

No. 3

The third fox will be chosen by people whose minds are currently busy with something important. For example, you might be considering a long trip, work project prospects, or a strategy to re-establish old contacts. Your focus on this most “important” has caused the loss in space. It is difficult for you to concentrate on yourself and live in the present, since you are in an unstable psycho-emotional state.

Subconsciously, you block the need to find happiness. You may be having trouble sleeping because of this. You need to find inner balance and find emotional balance. Try to understand what or who is bothering you. Otherwise, such “mantras” will not lead you to anything good.

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