Psychological test – identify complexes by the type of mess

What do we pay attention to first of all when we come to a stranger’s home? Most will answer – a mess. And they will be right. By their nature, people look for flaws in each other, and order in the house is a necessity, and not only everyday, but also psychological.

We are all imperfect, so we live in a certain degree of disorder. Today I will help you identify your complexes by the type of mess in the house. Interested? Then get down to the test!

Important! Psychologists say that when analyzing a person’s complexes in the mess in his house, one should pay attention not only to the things that he forgets to put in place, but to the room in which he “loses” them.

Now I invite you to think about in which room of your house you most often find clutter or in which place.

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Have you decided? Then read on.

Corridor or hallway

test 1
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Scattered shoes, outerwear constantly falling from the shelf, a dusty entrance mat and difficulties in finding the keys to the front door – all this is regularly faced by a social phobia, in other words, a person who avoids social interaction with other people.

If you regularly block the field at the front door with various things (umbrellas, bags, etc.), you subconsciously try to protect yourself from society, protect yourself from communication and meeting people.

Regular “going out to people” provokes stress on you. You are comfortable at home, alone or in a close family circle. You will be looking for a lot of reasons in order to avoid meeting with unfamiliar people. Prefer online, not offline communication.

Important! Reluctance to hang out with friends can be temporary. It is not always associated with social anxiety, but rather with emotional exhaustion.

To stop being afraid of society, you do not need to force yourself to leave the house every time. Give yourself the medication for communication in portions, for example, once a week arrange a coffee in the park with your friends or go to the cinema with them for a movie premiere.


test 2
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Do you like order in everything, always look tidy, is there a mess on your desktop? Well, you are a perfectionist. Love to bring everything to its logical conclusion, are responsible and punctual.

What prevents you from living happily? Probably too much attention to detail. The desire to bring everything to the absolute has a destructive effect on the personality. The perfect result is extremely difficult to achieve, and in pursuit of it you constantly experience stress.

Your perfectionism not only interferes with living easy and relaxed, it creates problems in relationships with friends and family members. You put too high demands on the people around you, and get very nervous when they do not meet them.

Advice! I recommend that you learn to relax and switch your attention to things that are pleasant for yourself. Don’t get hung up on the little things, allow yourself to be wrong. If you learn to do this, lightness will come into your life.


test 3
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Large accumulations of dirty dishes in the kitchen, unwashed countertops and glass glasses that have not been polished to a shine in the kitchen indicate that you are close to a nervous breakdown.

When a good hostess abandoned the kitchen, this clearly indicates her shattered nervous system. You may be experiencing severe stress at work or fighting with family members. To wash the dishes, you have to make an effort on yourself, so you would prefer to leave it dirty indefinitely. This is how chaos occurs in the kitchen.

You do not tend to look ahead, as you are used to living in the present day.

Advice! To improve your quality of life, take strategic planning courses. Encourage order and regularity in your everyday life.

Living room

test 4
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An unmade sofa in the living room, an unkempt coffee table, candy wrappers scattered everywhere – all this indicates infantilism. Perhaps you are not yet emotionally ripe for important life decisions.

You often put off things for later, because you subconsciously try to avoid doing them. You are very scrupulous in business, you like to control others. You often feel guilty, as you often entrust others with your duties.

To live happier lives, you need to cultivate a sense of responsibility and consideration. Pay more attention to the people around you, take an interest in their affairs.

Sleeping place

test 5
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An unmade bed / sofa, not fluffed pillows, and belongings scattered around the bedroom all indicate dissatisfaction with personal life. There are 2 main options:

  • You are single because you have no pair. You are experiencing an inferiority complex.
  • There is discord in your relationship.

Many women, in the first months after divorce, do not make the bed, as it is associated with their marriage and love relationships. And stirring up past memories is unpleasant. Just as often behave single women, on the way of which a worthy man has not yet met. Their sleeping place is cluttered due to the fact that it is not associated with a romantic relationship.

Window sills and windows

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Dusty window sills and dirty windows are invisible protection between the outside world and humans. If you regularly forget to wipe down windowsills or shine glass, you are probably too absent-minded or depressed. Another option is that you are afraid to look into the future, because you are not sure that happiness lies ahead.

You are clearly afraid of difficulties, because you do not know how to cope with them. Rely too much on the help of others, but do not know how to ask for it.

Advice! Do not forget that relatives and close friends will always come to your aid in difficult times. Feel free to ask them for a service or valuable advice.

Garage or balcony

test 7
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The clutter of the garage / balcony is mainly observed in older people who lived during the Soviet Union. It is associated with a fear of scarcity. A person is afraid to be left without certain things, so he keeps them in a secluded place.

Found a resemblance to yourself? Well, it’s not easy for you to deal with difficulties. You have many different fears, for example, you may be afraid of lack of money or loneliness. Making big life decisions is not easy for you. You often rely on the opinions of others.

How to get rid of empty fears? First, you need to get enough rest and sleep. Secondly, to turn your attention to something pleasant. Do what you like!

Does cleaning help solve problems?

Many women begin to actively “generalize” when they are excited about something. In their case, cleaning is a way to relieve stress. But, in fact, active cleaning is not a solution to a problem, but only putting it on the back burner.

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