Psychological Test – What Type of Relationship Do You Need?

Pick one picture of dancing people that you like the most, and you can determine what type of relationship you want. Don’t look at every silhouette in detail, but listen to your inner voice and your first reaction. This will be your answer!

Quiz: pick a dancing couple and find out what type of relationship you want
COLADY illustration by Lara Lauren
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Quiz: pick a dancing couple and find out what type of relationship you want

No. 1

You think you need a romantic, bright, beautiful relationship. You dream that the period of dating and courtship never ends, and your chosen one constantly pampered you, gave you flowers and showered you with compliments. It is simply vital for you to feel like a true woman – desired, flirtatious and quite a little capricious.

No. 2

In relationships, you welcome healthy opposition and even competition. You will not tolerate a chosen one who is weaker than you. Strong emotions, electric shocks and drive are important to you, you want to conquer and seduce each other again and again. In your eyes, such a relationship is full of charm, because after a fight, the defeated one gladly surrenders to the winner.

Caring and supporting is your priority in a relationship. You desperately need a strong and reliable male shoulder; an understanding and loyal partner who will always help resolve all your difficulties and problems. If your chosen one cares about you, cares for you and cherishes, then you bloom before our eyes and begin to shine like the most beautiful diamond.

No. 4

Your choice is a classic, strong and mature relationship, where there is mutual respect, complete trust and understanding. If your chosen one gives you a feeling of confidence in the day of tomorrow and in the future in general, then you will be serenely happy and calm with such a person.

No. 5

You strive for a leadership role in your relationship. Your chosen one should unconditionally allow you to lead, as well as manage him and your union. You are a very dynamic, active, energetic, agile person. You can easily cope with the role of a housewife, but on condition that the partner calmly reacts to your dominant position in all matters.

No. 6

In your case, this is not a couple, but one dancing girl. Apparently, at the current stage of your life, you do not really need and are important about relationships. You are not afraid of loneliness. You love complete independence, when you act solely on your own, look and dress the way you want, communicate and meet whoever you want. If you have a partner, then you demand that he never encroach on your freedom.

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