Psychological test – which profession is ideal for you

Do you like your job? Do you think it suits you perfectly? Well, perhaps it is. But, psychologists have proven that preferences in geometric shapes are directly related to career guidance. Do you want to know which profession is ideal for you personally? Then take our new test.

What do we have to do? Take a look at 5 geometric shapes and choose the one that attracts you the most.

Test Which profession is ideal for you
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Psychological test - which profession is ideal for you

№1 – Square

Work is your top priority in life. You are a workaholic who is used to giving all his best. Do not give up what you started in the middle. Work consistently. Do not rush, but do your job carefully and diligently. Pay a lot of attention to detail.

In your professional activities, you rely solely on the mind, not on intuition. Your logical thinking is well developed.

Which professions are ideal for you: doctor, accountant, engineer, architect, physicist, trader.

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# 2 – Triangle

You are the leader. We got used to leading people along. You know that the team listens to your opinion. You will only feel comfortable in the work environment if you can establish friendly informal relationships with your superiors. You do not know how to observe strict subordination. To “blindly” follow someone – too.

By nature, you are a good manager. It’s easier for you to make decisions yourself than to take on trust that someone’s decisions are correct. Delegate authority and responsibilities with difficulty, because you are sure that no one can cope better with work tasks than you.

Professions ideal for you: director, military man, lawyer, politician, entrepreneur.

No. 3 – Rectangle

You underestimate yourself. The rectangle is often chosen by people who do not fully understand their potential. You get along well with people. Among your merits: responsibility, decency and diligence. You are very worried if you have to let someone of your colleagues down.

Professions suitable for you: animator, civil servant, designer, manager.

№4 – Circle

It is important for you to feel comfortable in the team. You value a pleasant and welcoming environment between colleagues. Don’t like conflicts. Teammates motivate you to achieve good results. If the bosses are dissatisfied with you, look for support in colleagues, do not withdraw into yourself.

You are an empath, you always understand the feelings and experiences of the people around you. Not surprisingly, they often turn to you for support or advice. You are used to giving yourself over to work. Performance is important to you. Do not strive for leadership in a team.

Professions ideal for you: teacher, educator, actor, marketer, software developer, etc.

№5 – Zigzag

Zigzag is chosen by creative and creative people. You look at the world differently from most people, it is not surprising that not all of you manage to get along with.

You easily lose your temper, as you are very emotional. Creative, original, non-standard. You love creative projects that you can work on to show your full potential. Boring monotonous activities are not for you. Monotony at work is frustrating and unmotivated.

Professions that are ideal for you: designer, artist, musician, artist, creative director.

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