Rorschach test – determine your emotional personality type

Hermann Rorschach is a famous Swiss psychiatrist who in 1921 introduced the world to a unique method of psychodiagnostics. It is known as “Rorschach spots”. The bottom line: the diagnosed person was asked to look at the ink images and name the words that come to his mind. In psychodiagnostics, this is also called the free association method.

Colady offers you a simplified option Rorschach test to determine your emotional personality type.

Test instructions:

  1. Focus on yourself. Drop all superfluous thoughts.
  2. Take a look at picture 4 of the blobs and choose the one that appeals to you the most. It is important that you understand well what is depicted on the inkblot you have chosen.
  3. Get to know the result.
Rorschach Test: Determine Your Emotional Personality Type
Colady illustration by Olga Nazarova
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Rorschach Test: Determine Your Emotional Personality Type

Blob No. 1 – Stormy emotional type

The first inkblot will be chosen by people with a wide range of emotions. Your mood often changes. Now you can laugh out loud, and in a minute you can cry. Jumping sharply from one emotional state to another is a common thing for you.

You are easily surprised, offended, pleased. It’s all about hyper-emotion. You are a feeling person. Sometimes it seems to you that from an excess of strong experiences you will be torn apart. You have difficulty with self-control. Always express your feelings. You can’t hide them.

In any situation, you try to remain optimistic, because you subconsciously understand that strong negative emotions can “drive” you into depression. Unfortunately, you are not familiar with it by hearsay. It cannot be said that you are a vindictive person, but the accumulated grievances literally “eat” you from the inside. Therefore, you always strive to find out the relationship with the offender.

Inkblot No. 2 – Sensual (sentimental) emotional type

You are a sentimental person. You can easily get emotional. You often have your head in the clouds. It is difficult to focus on the ratio, because emotions dominate in you. Subject to sudden mood swings. Unfortunately, strong emotional experiences easily unsettle you, as a result of which you become weaker. You can get sick due to severe overexcitation, especially if you were nervous the day before.

You tend to be reflective. Constantly analyze yourself and other people. Compare. You draw conclusions. You fall into actually placed mental traps. Subject to depression and melancholy. You are easily offended. You are a sensual person, therefore you expect sentiment from other people.

Blob No. 3 – Amorphous emotional type

You are an erudite, comprehensively developed person. You are dominated by the left hemisphere of the brain, responsible for analytics and logic. Ratio prevails over your emotions. You are one of a rare number of people who are able to see the truth. You only give value to things that are really worth it. Don’t get upset over trifles. It’s hard to piss you off in general.

You prefer to stick around people who are like you. The same rational, pragmatic and purposeful.

You never give up without a fight if you are interested in the result. This is a very valuable quality. By the way, people who see a spider on this inkblot often easily abandon a case, the prospects of which seem vague to them. In a word, you do not waste your energy in vain.

Blob #4 – Passionate Emotional Type

Your dominant brain hemisphere is the right one. It is responsible for emotional intelligence. Feelings dominate your mind. They say about such people that they have a wide soul and a big heart. You feel the world very subtly, you have a high threshold of beauty. Get along well with friendly people, but prefer not to communicate with bullies.

Passion plays an important role in your life. You can’t go a day without strong feelings. If nothing interesting happens in life, then you subconsciously create interesting events yourself in order to experience strong emotions, including negative ones. By the way, sometimes you subconsciously provoke other people into quarrels, because during them you feel as alive as possible.

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