Rules for cleansing the body after the holidays

How many holidays there are in the year, especially in winter, when long weekends are expected. Every holiday I want to celebrate with all my heart, I want to take a break from all everyday problems, to forget about everything at least for a little bit. Everyone loves holidays, this is the time when you can stay with your family and spend the weekend in a calm, homely atmosphere. Isn’t that so?

Heaviness in the stomach after the holidays

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During the holidays, a wide variety of things from food to alcohol enter the bodies of people. And when the working days come, people begin to feel discomfort after the holiday food and drink. Each person begins to search the networks: How to get rid of discomfort? What should you take? What should you eat? How to cleanse the body? And no one knows what can help them, so much so that the result can be felt rather quickly.

If people do not want to take chemistry, which is presented as medicine, then the only question arises: How to cleanse the body without taking medication?

To do this, you need to try a little to restrain yourself in terms of food, since it will take a couple of days to refrain from heavy, spicy, salty and fatty foods, there is so much of it in the body after the holidays. In another way it is called “Fasting days”… Such days are useful in general, for the human body it is like a rest or a small vacation.

Another plus of this will be that people on holidays can gain a couple of kilograms, unloading the body will help get rid of them in a few days

Fasting days after the holidays

What foods to eat so as not to harm the body even more? What will help the body after the holidays?

You can eat the following foods:

  • porridge, especially oatmeal and buckwheat, they are rich in vitamins and in addition, they are easy on the stomach;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • green tea, it has cleansing properties that are often used for weight loss;
  • dairy products (low-fat dairy products);
  • seafood (especially non-fatty fish);
  • fruit compotes;
  • freshly squeezed juice from vegetables and fruits;
  • medicinal herbs (chamomile, rosehip, dandelion);
  • mushrooms;
  • nuts;
  • prunes;
  • figs;
  • Sesame oil;
  • mineral water;
  • cabbage.

To cleanse the body, you need to strictly adhere to a not long-term diet. And also make yourself a food intake for several days in order to accurately follow the treatment.

Diet food after the holidays

In this mode, the following should be indicated:

  • time of day when food is consumed;
  • you can take into account the intermediate meal;
  • what foods are used for food;
  • how much a person will consume food (in grams or in pieces)

The next components of a healthy body are physical exercise and of course healthy eight hours sleep… And you can also develop a very useful habit – drink a glass of water half an hour before meals and you should give up alcohol, coffee, carbonated drinks on fasting days.

If you follow everything written above, then at least one problem in life will decrease, which is pretty good.
New Year is the most anticipated event, you want to start life from scratch, change something in it. New Year is a time of miracles. Every adult in the New Year, like a child, is waiting for this miracle, waiting for magic, although they have already matured and may not admit it, but a little boy or little girl lives inside them, they are waiting for something.

Miracle in the New Year

Waiting for something good, magical, clearly does not fit in pain and discomfort. Therefore, a person is responsible for his body. This is not burdensome, you just have to remember that the state of a person’s health will affect his attitude, his mood. At home, a loving family awaits and pleasant evenings with their family on the couch watching New Year’s films.

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