Sasha Zvereva on the need to openly express his opinion

Say or keep silent? What do you do when your point of view is different from the majority, unpopular and more likely to be criticized? Singer and mother of many children Sasha Zvereva raised this vital issue and spoke about the need to express their position.

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“I became uncomfortable”

Once Sasha Zvereva was a famous and sought-after singer, but today we know her better as a mother of many children and an Instagram blogger: yes, the star has two accounts, which she regularly updates. Recently, the singer told subscribers that she prefers not to be afraid to show and tell a different lifestyle and different points of view:

“Before my eyes, several generations of beautiful women and mothers have grown up. For several decades now, I have not been ashamed to publicly declare by my example that it is possible in another way. Yes, I was subjected to condemnation, misunderstanding, people twisted at their temples, showed me on TV, like a curiosity. “

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The singer admitted that due to the frequent expression of unpopular beliefs, she “became uncomfortable.” However, if earlier she preferred to remain silent, but today she considers it necessary to express her point of view without fear of ridicule.

“Before, if something didn’t suit me, I preferred to remain silent or walk away, and then quietly do it my own way. This year I realized my mistake and radically revised my attitude to this conventional ethics. I sincerely believe that “tacit intelligence” today can be a crime against our happy future and the future of our children. “

The singer also asked the subscribers how they act in similar situations.

Earlier, Sasha Zvereva really faced criticism more than once after bold or ambiguous statements. For example, the singer advocates the birth of a child at home and rejects the achievements of medicine and even examinations in the clinic.

In 2020, her words about the desire to “give birth in the corner” caused a real storm of negativity in the networks. Nevertheless, the singer is not afraid to publish resonant posts over and over again on her Instagram.

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Say or keep silent: expert opinion Yulia Klyukvina

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Expressing an unpopular point of view publicly (on social media, on television, in the press) is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you immediately step on thin ice, risking getting an army of haters, being branded as an eccentric, “not so” and even seriously tarnishing your reputation.

In addition, expressing any point of view obliges you to be ready to defend it, to argue your position and to confront dissenting persons in a dispute. Not everyone knows how to competently conduct an argument, and not everyone has strong enough nerves to repel the attacks of opponents (which, by the way, can get personal and resort to other “forbidden tricks”).

But on the other hand, I am firmly convinced that there is no and cannot be progress without disputes. An alternative point of view, true or false, makes us think, analyze, search, find, prove, discuss over and over again. It is this process that helps to develop each of us in particular and society as a whole.

I confess that once I myself was afraid of the unpopular word “feminism” in our society, but then I studied the issue deeper and realized that feminists do not fly on brooms and do not dance around bonfires. You may not understand the meaning of the life of kidals or gamers, disagree with vegans or childfree, but you should not condemn them: every point of view has the right to be, and it is the diversity of opinions that makes our world colorful, not black and white.

However, one must always remember about such things as the norms of morality and law. And here it is not the conflict of private opinion with the public that comes to the fore, but clearly outlined prohibitions and boundaries that must not be violated under any circumstances.

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