Signs of an unkempt woman, girls – a mini test for unkempt

Signs of a scruffy woman and a mini testIt is not profitable to be an unkempt woman. How not to be among them? We have compiled a rating of common mistakes: check yourself right now point by point and take a mini-test.

Beautiful means well-groomed!

The content of the article:

  1. What kind of well-groomed woman is she?
  2. Figure
  3. Hair
  4. Face
  5. Manicure
  6. Leather
  7. Negligence in clothing
  8. Shoes
  9. Pedicure
  10. Bijouterie
  11. Mini test

From early childhood, girls watch with interest the beauty rituals of their mothers – and seize the moment to steal something valuable from the cosmetic bag. This is how the little ones try to take care of themselves.

What can we say about adult ladies! But, unfortunately, panties and beads are not enough for them to look perfect. And the correct facial features too.

Stylish well-groomed women who easily present their dignity are reputed to be beautiful – and masterly play around with flaws in appearance.

Video: What are they – well-groomed and unkempt women?

The one who is being looked after! And no one can cope with this task better than she herself.

A woman who takes care of herself is looked at in a completely different way: men have a sparkle in their eyes, they immediately find a reason for a compliment and wait, they can’t wait for the opportunity to court and help in some way.

By neglecting their appearance, ladies risk burying their attractiveness alive. Yes, being busy at work, caring for children and the cycle of other affairs can lead to the fact that the once very effective young lady will not immediately understand that something has gone wrong …

We believe that this is certainly not about you, but still – let’s check with the compass. Below are 9 signs of an unkempt woman. Keeping fists not to find ourselves on this list!

How to look expensive and well-groomed without special costs – the secrets of an expensive image


We will not discuss isolated cases when excessive excess weight is due to serious malfunctions of the body. Do we show at least elementary love for our body, keeping it in good shape?

In order not to catch sympathetic glances after the trembling portions of jellied meat on the sides, not so much is needed. Home workouts, healthy eating, active lifestyle. Such manipulations are inexpensive, do not require a lot of time, and the result will please.

Start with the minimum, strive for the maximum! Because a fitness center, massage, morning jogging, quality food is very good! And replacing a trip to a pizzeria for a session in the pool is a great solution.

And every time, in order not to get bored in the queue at the checkout in the supermarket, check to see if you have “thrown” chips, buns or sausage into your cart.

Such is the little life hack!


Beautiful, shiny hair is an undeniable sign that the owner is grooming herself.

In general, unaesthetic hair can not only spoil the external impression, but also become an obstacle in communication. This can affect your personal life, and even employment. Don’t turn your hair into a greasy loofah!

Unkempt hair

Regrown unpainted roots, split ends, dry, unwashed – or even unwashed – hair will not add beauty to you. Keep your hair always fresh – even if you are unlucky with your skin and hair type.

And make sure your hairstyle isn’t from the last century. Getting into a trend without blindly following fashion trends will be more than enough.


This, it would seem, is a relatively small area of ​​the body, but it requires so much attention, including in self-care.

Problematic skin, bad teeth, chapped lips, unkempt eyebrows, inept makeup – or no makeup at all. All these moments cannot be hidden from prying eyes. Therefore, we take care of the skin, eliminate, if necessary, dryness, flaking, dehydration, and fight rashes.

It is more expedient to change the war paint to an elegant nude, especially in summer. Clumps of mascara, smeared arrows, an unevenly distributed tone on the skin – and, in general, the make-up that floated towards the end of the day – will make a laughing stock of any beauty. Therefore, we study the subtleties of competent make-up and choose moderation as a motto.

We do not “plaster” problem areas, but apply a corrector locally. And we are attentive to the choice of tonal: the ridiculous contrast of the neck and face is not about you, is it?

Unkempt makeup

For owners of combination and oily skin, a make-up base and matting wipes in a purse will come to the rescue. But nobody canceled the appropriate cosmetic care: you need to work with problem skin constantly. This rule is also true for dry, dehydrated skin.

In addition to cosmetology, help your skin to be beautiful from the inside. Love the water! The cherished 8 glasses a day will pleasantly surprise you.

And give the green light to vegetables and fruits.

A fashionable trend among supporters of proper nutrition is fruit and vegetable smoothies. Try it – it’s delicious!


Progress does not stand still. And, if earlier the top of the ugliness in the manicure was peeling varnish, but now the grown gel and the fallen off rhinestones have been added here. Looking at such nails, only one thought comes up: it’s better without a manicure at all. We hope that such wonders of nail design are unfamiliar to your hands.

Unkempt hands

Nail extension technologies have become a salvation for girls living life to the fullest. Long-term manicure gives you the opportunity to be at the same time a busy business woman, an active mom, a neat housewife, a spectacular wife, an easy-going friend – and just a beauty. Use this secret, just do not forget to visit the master once every 3-4 weeks.

I must say that the “lady” leaving the nail salon with huge claws of a flashy color looks more like a vulgar cheap thing than a well-groomed lady. If today is not Halloween, and you are not a gypsy there, then refrain from shocking.

Ideal for well-groomed hands, when it is not clear from the outside whether you have natural nails or not.

Moisturized hand skin, nails of equal length, well-groomed cuticles, fresh coating.

Smooth Skin – Or Three-Day Stubble?

Despite the photos of Madonna with “fluffy” armpits that have spread all over the world, this can hardly be considered aesthetic. A well-groomed girl always keeps her legs and armpits smooth.

If, in a fit of passion, a man runs his hand over your unprepared leg, then the thought that he is on a date with a hedgehog will diminish his ardor. This is not your goal, is it?

Moreover, there are a lot of options: from a disposable machine to salon shugaring.

This is not the case when naturalness is better.

Negligence in clothing

And now the manicure and depilation are done, the light make-up is also done, the hair is in order.

But even with such readiness, the picture can be ruined by a torn button, pellets on clothes or deodorant stains.

Stretched clothes or the wrong size, a dirty collar or frayed elbows scream about the untidiness of their mistress.

If you remember, fans and well-known stars are sometimes shocked by negligence in the image and tastelessness!


Broken heels or worn out socks are striking. Disguised scratches on the shoes will make even not a new pair neat.

Well, and cleanliness! Lumps of dirt adhered to spectacular stilettos are a sad sight.


It is a big mistake to ignore foot care in the hope that it will not be noticed. Noticeable! Even if you are wearing closed shoes.

Knowing that you have a great pedicure and well-groomed heels, you carry yourself in a different way. Self-esteem rises significantly. And those around you, not always understanding what the matter is, catch the vibes of your self-confidence.

Express option for foot care – pumice stone and moisturizer.

From time to time, make homemade masks from steamed apple or potatoes in milk, or pamper yourself with a paraffin salon.


Magpie-crow … No, this is not the beginning of a nursery rhyme. Such associations cause lovers of artsy cheap jewelry.

Huge shiny plastics won’t look like diamonds to anyone. And they look even more ridiculous than three chains on one neck. Leave this beauty for the games of five-year-old fashionistas.

Not only jewelry can look exquisite, but also laconic high-quality jewelry. Experiment – and you will find “your” jewelry.

Check the condition of your sunglasses as well. Scratches and finger stains are unacceptable there.

Don’t let these items seep into your reflection in the mirror.

Mini test

Well-groomed is not only compliance with some social norms. It is also a manifestation of self-love. When a person is happy from the inside, that is, something to share with others.

As a cheat sheet, we want to offer you a quick test:

  • Are you ready to receive unexpected guests instantly, or do you need time to clean up yourself? (This is not a full dress, of course).

If the answer is yes, then we congratulate you!

Otherwise, go over each point in this article again.

But! It is important that the desire to take care of oneself was caused not by external circumstances, but by internal motivation. Learn to do it for yourself. Then your grooming will eventually become a matter of course, beyond doubt. And those around you will notice it.

The website thanks you for taking the time to get acquainted with our materials, we hope that the information was useful to you. Please share your impressions of what you read with our readers in the comments!

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