Singer Nyusha showed a photo with a cute daughter named Simba

Singer Nyusha, who became a mother in 2018, often shares photos of her little daughter Simba with subscribers. Recently, the star published a fresh photo on her microblog in which she and her daughter pose at home. The star preferred to appear in the frame with makeup and hair pulled back, but Simba behaved emotionally and at ease. The snapshot immediately moved fans and sparked controversy over who the blonde baby looks more like.

nyusha with a child
  • “Papa’s copy” – nadezhda.maevskaya60.
  • “Very similar to mummy” – l_y_u_b_o_v_demeneva
  • “Daddy’s daughter” – angelina_zavitsky.
  • “She looks like you, not her husband in any way” – erd_as_1102.
  • “Too cute” – nyusha_fanns.

Miracle with an unusual name

Little Simba was born on November 6, 2018, in one of the prestigious clinics in Miami. The childbirth was a partnership: the girl’s father, businessman Igor Sivov, was present. According to the singer, she really needed the support of her beloved at such a difficult moment, although she feared that what she saw might have too strong an effect on him. Later in an interview, the singer admitted that her husband literally saved her during childbirth, being nearby.

Nyusha with her husband and daughter
Nyusha with her husband and daughter

The newborn daughter was given a very unusual name for our latitudes – Simba. The star explained her choice by the fact that she wanted a non-trivial name for her daughter:

“No one has such a combination, it sounds beautiful. At one time, I changed my name in my passport, did not want to remain Anna, because this is the most common name. “

It’s funny that debates about the appropriateness of the name chosen by the star still do not subside on social networks: many are surprised why the singer named her daughter in honor of a male cartoon character, and did not choose an unusual female version, but Nyusha herself is happy with everything.

nyusha with a child 2
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