Sophie Turner showed cute “pregnant” photos in a swimsuit

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, who became a mom this summer for the first time, has shared old “pregnant” photos with fans. In the pictures on Instagram, the actress, without makeup and unnecessary accessories, poses in a swimsuit in the pool and in her garden.

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Photo @sophiet

Fans of the star appreciated the touching photos, and some joked that prolonged self-isolation this year led to a new baby boom in Hollywood.

  • “Oh my God, how I love that you post pictures of pregnant women after Willa’s birth!” – ashintrash.
  • “New Princess of the North!” – johnny_b_wpg.
  • “I noticed that many celebrities are pregnant after self-isolation. I wonder why?” – joshman694.

Recall that in July, 24-year-old actress Sophie Turner and her chosen one, musician Joe Jonas, became parents for the first time. The star couple named their newborn daughter Will, as fans suggest, in honor of one of the characters in Game of Thrones.

Star baby boom

Sophie and Joe aren’t the only celebrities to join the family this summer. Ciara, Katy Perry and Michelle Williams have already become mothers during quarantine, while actresses Emma Roberts and Rose Leslie have just announced their pregnancies.

Photo @roseleslie_got

The flip side of glory

Sophie Turner was not always as happy as she is today: until recently, the star suffered from depression due to online bullying. Together with world fame, an unprecedented wave of criticism fell on the young actress: she was accused of being overweight, called ugly and mediocre, and her heroine – stupid and greedy.

The constant attacks of online haters led Sophie to anorexia, depression and suicidal thoughts. The actress admits that for some time she was simply obsessed with the idea of ​​losing weight and ate almost nothing, which, in turn, shook her health. Her husband, Joe Jonas, helped her out of depression. According to the actress, it was he who helped her to love herself and literally saved her life.

Photo @sophiet

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