Cleopatra – a new look at the queen of Egypt

As part of the Transfiguration project, we decided to experiment and imagine what one of the most beautiful women in history, Queen Cleopatra, would look like today.

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra went down in history as the most beautiful of the famous women of the past, who conquered quite a few influential politicians and rulers of that time, including Mark Antony and Caesar. Her legendary image has not melted in the haze of centuries, and she still remains the standard of female beauty… The Egyptian queen was a unique woman.

We wondered what Cleopatra would look like today? What is Cleopatra of the XXI century like? Let’s consider several images.

The romantic style can be called one of the oldest, since a woman in essence has always been somewhat romantic, and even more so when it comes to Cleopatra herself. This romantic image is very suitable for the queen. The incomparable combination of romantic pink gives the image an undeniable charm.

option 1
Option number 1

Nowadays, jeans have become an indispensable attribute of every girl’s wardrobe, so Cleopatra would undoubtedly use this summer look in her everyday life. Jeans don’t have to be casual or sporty. Jeans with heels add sophistication and elegance to the image of the queen.

option 2
Option number 2

In the modern world, girls cannot do without an evening black dress. Black dress – the main item of the basic wardrobe and the most necessary thing for every girl. An evening dress in black emphasizes the beauty of the queen’s legs.

option 3
Option number 3

Long dresses to the floor are always beautiful, feminine, fashionable. This floor-length evening dress looks elegant on the queen. The pastel color of the dress enhances her beauty.

option 4
Option number 4

The queen could use this image in everyday life. Even in a casual winter look, Cleopatra looks amazing. The black scarf gives it a mystery.

option 5
Option number 5
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