the way you cross your arms reveals your identity

Did you know that your personality can very well be “decoded” by analyzing your body language? One of the most popular ways is by crossing your arms over your chest. Such a gesture is usually interpreted as protective, but this is not always the case. In fact, crossing your arms can say a lot about the kind of person you are. Take a look and check what type you are.

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Quiz: the way you cross your arms reveals your personality

1. Right hand on the left shoulder

Quiz: the way you cross your arms reveals your personality

If you place your right hand on your left shoulder, then you are an extremely creative person who loves to think outside the box. You are receptive by nature, you are in harmony with your emotions and feelings and know how to recognize changes in mood in your environment in time. You are always guided by your intuition when you need to make decisions, and the only reason you will think long and critically assess the situation is when the stakes are high, and the decision can radically change your life. In terms of relationships, your partner is lucky to be with you because you are an empathetic and considerate person. You do everything possible to make your chosen one feel good and comfortable next to you.

2. Left hand on the right shoulder

Quiz: the way you cross your arms reveals your personality

Do you put your left hand on your right shoulder? This means that you are an extremely practical person who prefers to use logic over intuition. Under no circumstances do you allow your emotions, feelings and heart to influence your judgments and conclusions. You analyze problems for a long time before making a decision. Your rational approach to life attracts people to you, because you have a lot of fans and like-minded people. People close to you think you are an intelligent but sarcastic person with a very peculiar sense of humor. You are incredibly quick-witted, know how to quickly recognize deception and neutralize your enemies.

3. Both hands on the shoulders

Quiz: the way you cross your arms reveals your personality

If you cross your arms while holding both shoulders, then you are quite unique! You are confident in yourself and you know where you are going in life. You are focused on what needs to be done and are very clear about what your goals are. You are a typical leader, and this motivates people to turn to you for help. You are distinguished by honesty and openness, therefore, those around you are appreciated and respected. When it comes to relationships, you yourself take the first step, be it a fight or the first meeting with a person. It’s easy and simple with you, because you are attentive, caring and gentle with those who are dear to you.

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